Tis’ The Season To Be Nostalgic

As the Christmas season gets into full swing, I know a lot of us are getting just a teeny tiny bit excited about what the gaming fairy is going to give to us. Be it a new game or console, Christmas is not only the season which brings the family together but it also gives us new and exciting gifts.

I refer you to a picture of a Gamecube. I wish I could say I took this picture *sigh*

Now I’m not sure if it is because I’m getting old or cheap in my old age but recently, Christmas has had a slightly different meaning for me. It always gets me in the mood to play the games of times gone by. So during the run up to the big day, I can normally be found rummaging through boxes and bags for that game I’m sure I didn’t trade in a few months ago.  Since my older brother has taken the SNES and I am just to damn lazy to set up the Nintendo 64, I thought this Christmas retro entertainment will be brought to me by my GameCube. With my Wii being backwards compatible (thank goodness!) I was able to avoid getting tangled in a bunch of cables and get right into my gaming fix.

All was going very well until I had to find my memory card.  I am normally really good with looking after my stuff (sort of) and I usually put it somewhere where I can always find it. Unfortunately I have a memory of a goldfish, so trying to remember where I put my things is just a waste of time.

Since I keep referring to this particular ice-cream, I just had to add a picture of it. Yummy!

So after turning the house upside down and being close to tears at the prospect of losing my precious saves forever, I finally remembered that I’d left it in the memory card slot of my GameCube. Panic now averted, I’ve been able to take a trip down memory lane and play games such as Ikaruga (which is super rare), Pikmin, Metroid Prime and F-Zero X while scoffing a large tub of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Be it that you get one of the latest games this Christmas or you end up playing that golden oldie which makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy gaming year!







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