Asking For Too Much?

It recently occurred to me that I was purchasing a lot of Special/Collector Edition games as of late, and as most of you will know they can cost a fairly large amount of money. It was only after seeing the Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition on an online website for only £17.95 that I stopped and thought to myself, are we all really paying too much in the beginning for these editions? I mean seriously, why do we need to pay an extra £15/$20 for a small art book, or a special DVD which will later drop in price?

Over the last few years I have bought my fair share of Limited Edition games, and for what purpose? Things which I barely even touch, ever! Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2 and Alan Wake (although that was worth the money) to name but a few.

It made me wonder how much the larger and more respected companies in the business are making from their limited editions compared to the standard editions on the shelves. Why let them gain the larger profit from us as I have learnt that buying later is always best for us, as they eventually go down in price. Alan Wake for instance decreased in price by almost half  in just a few months and if I had waited I could have saved myself some dosh.

But as consumers we see something shiny and new and suddenly our mouths drop at the thought of owning something so special and ‘limited’, which the majority don’t. I have done it myself: I see a nice figurine that comes with it and all of a sudden I want to own it because it has been labelled ‘special’ or ‘limited’ by its producers. The fact that some companies decide to bring out numerous editions of the same game get the majority of gamers in a spin, do they want the normal edition or would they rather spend that little bit more to get a cool looking steel bookcase and an art book, or even better do they want a remote control RC car from within the game to drive around spying on the neighbours and the cat (yes, I’m looking at you Treyarch and Activision)?!

Bottom line, I need to stop spending lots of money on these things. Hell, they are getting enough money as it is.

They are making a fortune, from me at least.






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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    The ideal situation is to want until the special edition drops if price to pick it up cheaper but then you can’t guarantee you will get the special edition at a later stage. My local GAME are selling the special edition of Splinter Cell Conviction for £20 which is a great price for the game and Sam Fisher figure. I have thought to buy it but I already bought the standard edition of the game when it first came out so effectively I would still have paid £60 if I did get it, although I would have two copies of the game.

  2. Simon avatar

    I think a lot of them don’t offer great value, but some do. I tend to make a judgement call on each one. But then, I’ve only ever forked out for one Special Edition, and that was at £40. So maybe I don’t see much value in pretty much all of them, personally. Or maybe I’m just a mess of contradictions.

  3. Optimus_Pints avatar

    Worse Stinger for me ever was the God of war limted edition, I love the god of war series, but at a stonking £129.99 the content within was not worth the asking price. specially when they realsied the god of war 1 and 2 for ps3 straight after. And to be honest the soundtrack that came with it although awesome…well youtube them up and i could of listened to them for free :'(

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