I reckon being a fan of the Call Of Duty series is like being a parent. At least, being someone without kids, I assume anyway. In its fledgling beginnings I was there, I supported it, I helped it grow up big and strong, played with it every day. Now my offspring is the popular kid in the end of his teenage years; I still love him, and there are lots of people who love him too. But he’s not the same any more, he’s changed from the fun little child that I helped get to where he is now.

For the sake of sanity, and making sense, I’ll drop the child rearing metaphor for now, but the point remains. I’ve been a fan of the Call Of Duty series since its first emergence. I used to play Call Of Duty 2 competitively in European ladders with players whom have since gone on to play games professionally. It is fair to say then that I am a tad blinkered in my support for the series, but even I am starting to grow weary of it. It’s hard to pop down £40 every other year on a game that you feel you’ve played before, a lot. It’s also hard to support a game that feels inconsistent between releases, due to the differing development studios working on the games.

One thing they should never change, Captain Price's facial hair. Bitchin'

Many gamers that I speak to, however, seem to be stuck in the cycle with me. I’m certain that I’ve heard and spoken with friends and had them tell me that “This is the last one I’m buying,” and yet, we do. In our millions! It’s as if we’re personally sick of it, but gaming society dictates that we all must play it, despite its familiarity.

This is not to suggest I feel there has been an dip in quality. On its own merit, Call Of Duty: Black Ops is a fine game. If there had never been another game in the series before it, it would be lauded as a sensational game with fresh bold new ideas in the FPS genre. The same can be said for both games in the Modern Warfare saga, and to be fair is said about Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Soldiers in the snow
Judging from this shot, the Call Of Duty series needs… heating up.

So what now for the series? Infinity Ward, the creators of the series, are so stripped of its original staff that it’s almost an entirely different team. Will Treyarch, the other development house given the reigns of the franchise, get to take it in a bold new direction? Can they freshen up that which we’ve seen before? I hope so, otherwise Black Ops is the last one I’m buying. Until the next one.







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  1. Optimus Pints avatar
    Optimus Pints

    Hmm, I think of it as having two dogs

    Infinity Ward COD: Lassie is the one we remember in it’s purity the good old respected and well love breed and even though it’s gone we’ll remember it fondly

    Treyarch COD: Old Yeller…lets have a walk behind the barn…can’t teach this old dog new tricks

    This franchise is starting to take bad lessons from others….Dynasty Warriors Anyone?

  2. Laura avatar

    I feel similarly towards Halo. It’s not the game’s fault, it’s not Bungie’s fault; Reach is great, it’s even better than the previous games and I do play it – and I’ll buy any other Halo titles that get released – but I’ve simply played Halo to death. It just doesn’t have the same impact on me now. I’d love to go back to when it was new and shiny and relive the awesome times I had playing the game.

  3. Mark P avatar

    Dynasty Warriors is video game PERFECTION. You shut yo’ mouth!

    I kid, I find it fun but only in short bursts. The difference between CoD and DW being that DW is only one level of fun where as CoD’s fun comes from the ability for players to mix things up.

  4. Optimus Pints avatar
    Optimus Pints

    True true, dw is perfection…if you had annual alzheimers

    I kid too,
    The Similaritys of DW and CoD however is the fact that both understood a formula that worked very well once long ago, and for profit sake, they will pull the same trick over and over, adding one new thing at a time. Don’t get me wrong they are both fantastic makers of games, they either need to take it in a different direction, or just create a new franchise. Other wise it’ll be a one trick pony that gamers are not going to fall for each year

  5. daiphoenix avatar

    Well, you might break away, but eventually they will likely start anew with a “CoD: Future Warfare” series. And the cycle is restarted 😛

    – Bruno

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