Fighters Uncaged

After spending a weekend tearing through a ton of Kinect launch titles, I can safely say that I understand Kinect as it stands right now. It’s a really cool bit of tech that developers have grasped to different degrees and will no doubt get a lot better at using. Fighters Uncaged is a difficult title to review as rather than it being a badly conceived or badly realised game it is merely badly presented. When compared to the first-party launch titles, Fighter Uncaged seems like a hugely over ambitious title and as a full body combat fighting game it fails.

Playing the game is actually a lot of fun, it’s not all that responsive and you are sometimes left wondering if you are really controlling the game at all, but it is fun. I ended up jumping around, kicking and punching and after a while found the right rhythm to get my attacks on target. The opponents are quite obnoxious so the will to smash them in the face is strong. There is, however, another issue, getting to fight these guys takes quite some commitment. When I started up the game I decided to skip the tutorial, not wanting to bore the gang of Ready Up writers I had round for a Kinect-a-thon. Well I thought I’d skipped it. I was sent off to a gym where my trainer shouted at me while teaching me every single type of attack in the game. It seemed to last an age and I can’t help but think that it would have been much more fun to be taught a simple punch and kick attack and then be left to discover the rest for myself. As it was, I ignored most of his instructions and tried to headbutt him to death over and over.

Kinect menus are a bit hit and miss in the launch titles but Fighters Uncaged works just fine in this area; punching at the screen and it appearing to smash is a great opener. The graphics and fighter models have a nice gritty look to them – I’m pretty sure there is a dead guy in the ring at the gym!

I think Fighters Uncaged could have been much more fun had it just lightened up a bit, with a less serious setting and more free form approach to teaching the player how to fight and perhaps some stupid mini-games and crane kicks. Approached from a different angle it would be easier to forgive control issues but the game seems to take itself a little too seriously to be played with a light heart.







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    It was bloody funny seeing your epic spinning kicks in reality translating to a weak punch in the game, though.

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