Pinball FX 2

I’m really pleased I get to review Pinball FX 2. I’m talking genuinely, smile smeared across my face happy about it. Why? Because not only do I love pinball (and subsequently, pinball games) but I also have been blessed with one of the easiest reviews I’ve ever had to write since I joined Ready Up.

It’s an easy review, because it’s a simple review. Pinball FX 2 is so perfectly constructed, that it delivers everything it promises to deliver. No marketing lies, no over-the-top hype, just plain enjoyable fun pinball action. In case you didn’t play Pinball FX 1, here is the way the whole experience works: you download the game (for free) and that becomes your pinball ‘hub’ if you will. From here you can try every table available in the game’s library (which in Pinball FX 2’s case, also includes all previous tables from Pinball FX 1. Don’t panic if you’ve already bought them back then, they transfer over for free), and buy individual tables as your heart desires. A simple, effective DLC platform which is frankly the most brilliant way Zen Studios could’ve created it.

It gets better, though, because they have made improvements after Pinball FX 1, including: better graphics, a new and improved physics engine and the free importing of all previously bought tables into #2. Pinball FX 2 even upgrades all previous bought tables (FOR FREE) and adds extra achievements! Everything from this point on, is just gamer gravy. There are online leaderboards, which not only keep track of your friends, and the world’s highscores on both the table and across the game – but also keep you posted mid-game about how many points away you are from beating the next highest score. It’s a fantastic way to keep you playing, because every time your silver ball of hope bounces at the wrong angle and falls off the screen, you’re busy screaming bloody murder at the box in the top left saying: “You are… 40 points away from beating that guy you sat next to in high school. Who you never really liked, and clearly isn’t as good as this game as you are,” or at least words to that effect. It even gives you a trash-talking message option. BE-EE-AYE-YOOOO-TI-FUL!

There’s little more to say on the matter. Unless you have that official 1993 Street Fighter pinball table sitting in the corner, then Pinball FX 2 is the most legitimate pinball table feel you’re likely to find in gaming. Not only this, but you only pay for what you want! So you can be hammering away at your favourite pinball table for as little as 240 MSP, and if that’s all you want to play – then you go ahead and only pay for that! It’s simple. It’s addictive. It’s fun. It’s the perfect pinball platform. I have nothing more to say.







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  1. Jake avatar

    The updates to the old tables are most excellent. I only downloaded this last night and it ate an hour and a half of my time without any real effort. Love it.

  2. Ninja avatar

    I also downloaded this last night after I spotted it in that “game feast” thing. And because it was free 😉

    Glad I made the right choice. Thanks DunK! 😀

  3. Duncan avatar

    Two comments on a review? New record! 😀

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