Super Meat Boy

We all love a game where you can play the hero rescuing the damsel in distress. Super Meat Boy has taken this age old platforming concept and has sprinkled its own magic of bandages, blades and red meat on top.

Super Meat Boy follows our hero, Meat Boy, who is made of meat, as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, who happens to be made of bandages. Bandage Girl was taken from Meat Boy by the evil Dr Fetus, who is of course a foetus in a jar wearing a tux. Does this sound bizarre? Of course it does, but would we want it any other way.

Each of the 340+ levels consist of you trying to reach your girlfriend by jumping over spinning blades, dodging fire and avoiding piles of used needles. If you do manage to land on or jump into any of these deadly obstacles you will see poor Meat Boy get splattered all over the shop.

As with any good game, you will find that the further you progress, the harder the levels become. You can unlock different characters by collecting bandages that you see throughout each level. And then if you fancy it, you can swap and change which character you use during the level in the pause menu or at the beginning of each world. Each level gives you a time to complete it by. If you can do this you will then have the opportunity to play the warped and even harder version of the same stage. To access this, you will need to go back to the map, find the level you’ve beaten the time on and press ‘X’. Also see if you can spot the swirling vortex as you play. By jumping into one of these bad boys, you can open up a bonus round. The rounds can vary from playing a retro version of Super Meat Boy to playing as the ninja version of you known as the Commander.

One thing I do hate is when a brilliant game comes along and the controls are over complicated. I am glad to confirm that this game is not one of them. With your jump being ‘A’, running either X or RB, and moving Meat Boy with the d-pad or analogue stick, at  least you can rest assured that controlling Meat Boy is a walk in the park.

When I first played Super Meat Boy, I must be honest I wasn’t that wowed by it. But then after spending hours trying to get through the levels it dawned on me that I was hooked. This game is so simple to play that anyone can just pick it up and have a blast.







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  1. chobe avatar

    Yeah I wasn’t that bothered about the demo but dropped the 800 anyway. Once you’ve been playing a while, the game takes hold. It controls really tightly and you never really feel cheated, just spurred on. Nearly finished the light world.

    The addiction is currently manifesting itself as me trying The Kid’s first warp stage, which no doubt reflects some mashochistic tendency. If you’ve tried it you know what I mean. It worries me that there’s another two.

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