One Is Good, Two Is Better, Four Is Best

Co-op gaming, it seems is my favourite gaming type, regardless of the genre of the game.

I can be sitting playing on the Xbox 360, sitting in a party of friends, having a laugh, then it happens, I’ll get a message from someone, “Markatansky wants to play Splinter Cell: Conviction” or “Haggis The Lord wants to play Borderlands”, after that I’m pretty much up out of my seat hunting around for where I put the discs last while blasting ‘A’ to join like I’m playing track and field.

The games I buy now are games that have the most co-op potential, while I like VS fighters, I enjoy co-op games more, the recent release of Scott Pilgrim VS The World (as reviewed by Dunc) takes me back to why I think I love co-op so much.

A fantastic example of co-oppery, retro in all respects

As much as I like winning at a fighting game, I get a greater sense of achievement from completing something as a group, it may well just be the overactive team player in me but I’m growing out of games that don’t have many options for co-op, Scott Pilgrim is an excellent example of a co-op game doing it right, a game where you have to all be on the same console, in the same room having a laugh is definitely my preferred way to play games.

So for those of you wanting to get into the world of co-op gaming, here are a few titles I can recommend:

This may well be the greatest co-op arcade game known to man!


Castle Crashers

Crackdown 2

Gears of War 2

Halo 3

Left for Dead (1 or 2)

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Scott Pilgrim VS The world

Splinter Cell: Conviction

And if you’re wanting someone to jump on and assist in your new found love of the co-op, just drop me a message and wait a few seconds…







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