Galactic Taz Ball

Galactic Taz Ball features the well known Warner Bros cartoon character, the Tazmanian Devil.  In the game you have to attempt to escape from the clutches of the deluded Marvin the Martian.  All of the game is played using the stylus to control Taz on the bottom screen with very occasional use of any buttons.  Shannon was tasked with playing this game and then telling us her thoughts on it. Will it be devilish or angelic?

Tell us about the game.

Shannon: I was asked to play and review Galactic Taz Ball and the first thing I noticed was it was quite hard to control, because when Taz got faster he started to spin in circles and sometimes I lost control and went over the edge of the level.  At the beginning when you are being shown what to do you aren’t told that you can’t swim, I thought you could so I went into the water and drowned.  The only way to get across the water is to make Taz start spinning then you get over the water.

The levels are quite big and it starts easy but as you get further in you can fall off the edges easier.  You can smash through things by spinning but not everything can be smashed, there are metal gates that you have to find different ways to get through.  At one bit I had to go underground and go across conveyor belts that you can change their direction to avoid dying.  When you go through the level you collect gold coins and gold boxes and also there are ducks that you have to find but Icould only find one as they’re hard to find.

What was the best bit about the game?

Shannon: I liked to see Taz running about because he looked funny when he ran.  I also liked the wee cartoon you saw at the beginning when you saw all of Marvin’s spaceships going over Taz’s head.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Shannon: Controlling, definitely. It was so hard to control Taz through the level and it made it very annoying sometimes.

What are your final thoughts on the game.

Shannon: If I wanted to have fun playing a game I might play this but it might not be the first game that would come in to my head.







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