A Whispered Win

We all know I have a slight competitive streak but, due to a proper upbringing, I would never resort to scorewhoring. I’m quite happy with my permanent number two spot on the Ready Up leaderboard, as catching Jake would mean going against every gaming ethic I have, but I didn’t start there… When Ready Up was taking its baby steps I was fourth. This did not make for a happy Zoey. Third was an easy overtake, but for a long time second was a constant back and forth until I finally got far enough ahead. The question here is; did my fellow Ready Upper know that I was in competition with him? I certainly felt smug when I had secured my position, but if they were oblivious I guess it should feel a little more hollow.

As scorewhoring is a no-no but I need to compete, I will quite often start challenges or competitions… without informing the others involved that they are playing! It’s up to them to guess if I’m after their spot by how I react to their gaming. I’m sure a lot of people don’t care and that allows me to sail past them, but it’s interesting to see those who do notice. Kirsten became highly aware of a competition I hadn’t mentioned, when everytime she posted a high score on Bejeweled I would beat it within the hour. She soon caught on to the game and it became more and more taxing to beat each other, but never a word was spoken about what we were doing.

Obviously there are times when a competition is declared. The declaration allows room for rules, smack talk and the usual determination to take your competitor down. Great if it’s a tournament but not always necessary. If the goal is simply to get a better gamerscore or True Achievements score, then do you really need to let anyone know you’re competing? If you do, then surely it becomes nothing more than a battle of wills to see who will dedicate the most time to the competition. Once that’s in place and you’re racing through games looking for the points, then you’re on the slippery slope to scorewhoring and I want to enjoy and complete as many games as possible. As numerous people have proved over the years, if they care then they will notice. They’ll notice me closing in on their score, or constantly playing the game they’re playing, and they’ll react if they choose to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a competition as much far more than the next person but with a vicious competitive side I’d rather not push it too far. Secret competitions may be random, but they often manage to satisfy some of my urges to rip down my opponents. Next time you spot someone, maybe even me, creeping up surprisingly on your scores; consider whether you have been pulled into a clandestine competition, and if you should retaliate. I love to lay in wait and see if they’ll click, and if they do then how they react. It may leave me unable to scream from the rooftops about what I have accomplished but to me a whispered win, still leaves me with a quiet smile.

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!







5 responses to “A Whispered Win”

  1. Michael avatar

    “Secret competitions may be random, but they often manage to satisfy some of my urges to rip down my opponents”

    What’s the point if they don’t know?

    You got some weird Egyptian thing going on there.

  2. noozles avatar

    I have a few competitions that exist only in my head…. Bejeweled is the main one…. one person on here who consistently gets slightly more than I get… grrrr….

  3. Michael avatar

    Bah, I’ve just remembered I have done that myself against my brother and a few other individuals. Damn!

    Question retracted 😛

  4. Andy T avatar
    Andy T

    My best friend is also my greatest rival…his gamerscore is always a few thousand higher than mine. Thus I satisfy myself by setting secret competitions on individual games either achievement wise or on the leaderboards….and then spend a while trying to convince myself that anything I’m not 1st at doesn’t count.

  5. Praggers avatar

    I have a friend on my friends list who for while was a few thousand points ahead of me. I have since then overtaken his score, I still consider him to be my rival, not that he knows this of course. I do consider myself a gamerscore whore but I haven’t sunken to the depths of King Kong and Avatar: the Last Airbender! I don’t know if he considers me a challenge but he has played King Kong!

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