Apocalypse… Nowish?



It has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Forget your Bruce Willis/giant asteroid shenanigans and think destruction, mayhem and chaos. Maybe it’s the world domination plan in me talking, but that sounds like fun! Luckily for me, while my plans for taking over Planet Earth simmer silently under the surface, a newly announced game has unveiled itself to help me live out all my destructive desires.

Enter Red Faction: Armageddon, the latest instalment in the ground-breaking (and I mean that in a literal sense!) game series from Volition, Inc and THQ! Set some 50 years after the end of Red Faction: Guerrilla, the planet Mars stands in the centre of a raging war, its populace suffering from a destructive battle which has now caused the world’s surface to become uninhabitable. Tornados, lightning; it’s Michael Fish’s worst nightmare!

Try and get THAT app for your iPhone!
Try and get THAT app for your iPhone!

Forced into the underground mines to survive the chaos above, the game will follow protagonist Darius Mayson, grandson of Alec Mayson, in his attempt to recapture the strongholds of the planet, and liberate the Martian population against the new evil that lurks in the long forgotten places on Mars; ancient alien races are rarely knocking with a cup of sugar folks!

Thanks to the unique GeoMod 2.0 technology of Volition, players can experience the innovative physics of the Red Faction universe that give the series its unique and unforgettable gameplay. In the battle of conquest, players can now scavenge a wealth of upgrades with the aid of both the newly discovered alien resources and nanotechnology, allowing for greater weapons and devastating capabilities! Among the selection is the re-modded Nano Forge which will now offer a Trembler and Rhino Charge (I’m guessing that won’t feature an actual Rhino!). If that wasn’t enough, the kind side of your heart can also choose to utilise the reconstructive use of technology to hand, it’s not all smash and grab you know!

"here kitty kitty!!"
"here kitty kitty!!"

Amongst the madness of surviving on Mars will also be an Extermination mode where groups of players can take on waves of creepy, slimy alien foes…  sounds like a good night in! Round it all up into a realm of fire, ice and everything in-between and you have yourself a fight for humanity on a planet where anything is possible. Those of you as hungry for fight as me will be happy to know that Red Faction: Armageddon will be served up in March 2011. Guns at the ready people!








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    Ooooh, this looks nae bad. Something tells me there’ll be a few Aliens reference in there!

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