Just what the Doctor ordered!

When I first considered the initial subject for my latest blog, I intended to rant as in my previous piece, about the trials and tribulations of my gaming life to vent my frustrations and annoyances.

You see, it was about two weeks ago that I took some much needed days off from work to enjoy an extra long stay with my beau. After the cocoa overdose many of us tend to endure during Easter weekend it seemed like the perfect opportunity to squeeze in some extra time together; not to mention we were also going to see the almighty A.F.I. (check them out on Rock Band if you somehow haven’t already!) at the not so mighty Brixton Academy – that venue is just long!

So you see, while armed with an inevitable truck load of items I felt I just had to take with me for my extra long stay, my dearest Xbox 360 hard drive, memory unit, beloved Final Fantasy 13 and my limited edition guide were a must for being included. Just so you know in my world they come above make up, money, maybe even an extra pair of clean socks – who needs warm feet anyway?

Final Fantasy….god bless Square Enix *drool*

Now before you all go telling me that I could have just transferred my save onto my memory card to save me the hassle, it’s important you know that over a 6 day period I cannot go without playing Gyromancer. Say what you want – I am a Square Enix whore! Needless to say even if they were  etched onto a stone tablet, I would have found a way to get my games and saves to the fellas place, so the hard drive had to come.

After battling through some Final Fantasy stages, earning some extra crystarium points, and exploding some gems (oh, and seeing AFI who were awesome btw!) Wednesday evening came and so therefore, did going home. 35 minutes after being dropped back home by the other half, I got a text message. The following conversation went a little something like this…

“I’m back, btw you left your hard drive here 🙁 xx”
“Glad you got home safe sweety, your joking about the hard drive tho right? xx”
“I wish I was, I’m looking at it right now 🙁 xx”

What the hell! There was no way on God’s green Earth that I was going without games for 2 days. Yes, I’m that addicted and I don’t care who knows it! Now you see my predicament, 48 long hellish hours without any of my saves… that just wasn’t going to work. The solution? Rampage through my room to find all of my Playstation 2 components and dig out some old games to see me through.

That was the basis for my rant, plus my room is small and cluttered so it meant being all ‘woe-is-me’ and having to find a space to sit the thing yada yada yada, except… it was bloody fantastic!

Old Faithful - how could I abandon thee?
Old Faithful – how could I abandon thee?

I tell you, people of the gaming world, I’m reconverted old skool! What happened to the days of me being a loyalist Playstation girl, thinking that one day I’d have the greeny, purplely, bluey type logo tattooed onto my body somewhere out of the sheer love I had for the console?! I’ve subsequently been tattooed 5 times, none of them game related… yet, but still, where did that time go?

I blame achievements, Xbox Live and Dead Rising for making me buy my Xbox 360 in the first place – damn thing (it’s a great game though isn’t it?)! I trawled through my stacks of old games and there was a pang of nostalgia I couldn’t resist. Theme Hospital! Yes, out of all the classic games for PSX and PS2, it is a bit of an odd one to pick, but for some reason a bit of building therapy seemed to be just what the doctor ordered (get it?).

Despite now having my 360 back in its entirety, up until the point of writing this blog I was still playing level 8 out of 10, deciding whether a bank loan to build a bloaty head clinic would be worth it for the 1 patient I would save in the mean time. Yeah why not? Lightning and Co can wait… for now!








5 responses to “Just what the Doctor ordered!”

  1. Simon avatar

    Dead Rising was the game that sold the 360 to me too.

    Ah, Theme Hospital. Wasn’t there a constant problem with Elvis impersonators? Maybe I’m going nuts. Got to be ten years since I played that game.

    I gave my PS2 to extended family almost as soon as I got the 360. Sorely missing it now.

  2. Markatansky avatar

    I think Gears of War sold it to me. Which is surprising considering I don’t even have that game.

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I too gave my PS2 away. A friend in work always joked about borrowing it so when he was leaving to go work somewhere else, I gave him the PS2. Still have some PS2 games up on the shelf. The PS2 was my RPG era.

    I think the first game I got on Xbox 360 was Ridge Racer 6 but it was achievements that kept me coming back.

  4. noozles avatar

    Still have my PS2, and all the Final Fantasy’s that go with it…. Nothing sold the 360 to me, I was just going to get it… Got one with 5 games… They were all rubbish apart from Amped 3…. That game cracked me up

  5. Loz avatar

    I always found theme hospital had a tendancy to crash if you took too long to complete a level but, as perverted as it sounds, the background noise if you hover over the toilets still makes me crack up hahaha!

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