Tag You’re It

Oh – so naughty! Naughty, naughty… naughty! Smack their little wrists until their fingers become numb and the small, perfectly designed ‘up sleeve’ paint cans fall out onto the floor.


Graffiti artists – these people are extremely naughty people – indeed!  Yes!  People not unlike the people trying to make the city of Hull a more bearable and colourful environment whilst at university (ahem). With their spray painted stencils of Arwings and Umbrella Corporation logos artistically created at 4 o’clock on Sunday mornings (at a guess) after a very late night playing Halo (I assume). These people should definitely not be copied in any way shape or form. The badness that surrounds the mysterious art you awake to many a morning is frowned upon by the police, Jesus… umm… and the local shop owner whose doors have been tagged with the word ‘tits’ in big letters (that wasn’t me) and anyone who has found a newly sprayed Chain Chomp attached to their garden gnome (that might have been… no, no it wasn’t).

I, of course would never do such a thing to our wonderful planet (or let butter melt in my mouth) even if Hull is the grayest place in the country/world/universe/all known or imaginable dimensions, (hmm, those Halo nights were really good). As I am the model citizen and the word graffiti isn’t even in my vocabulary I have often partaken of the similar art form known as ‘tagging’ on the humble video game and not at all near any garden ornaments (with a chain chomp stencil).  So here are my favourite virtual life tags:

Jet Set Radio Future
Jet Set Radio Future

No male genitals badly spray painted on a garage door here, just lovely colourful and well designed vandalism. The art is available on buses, billboards and angry policemen.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up

After being tagged on the back by another very naughty person who laid down the whoop-ass, on, er, your ass. Trane from this guilty pleasure game keeps his tags simple. Trane, Trane and Trn (that’s street talk for Trane), bitches!

saits row tag
Saints Row (and to an equal extent, Saints Row 2)

If running around in a mankini is just not your thing, looking for tagging spots in the games can always be fun. Spraying with cans of paint seems somewhat respectable when compared to spraying excrement through a high pressure hose in peoples’ faces.

All of this is obviously evil and ‘doooork sided’ so should never be copied in real life – even in an attempt to make your university campus a better place. Just look at this for example, the confusion it will cause road users is unthinkable!

Hoboken, so it's to go back the way I came, drive through that hedge on the corner and then into a Shopping Mall… and ahh yes, then the fist means a punch in the face from security…







6 responses to “Tag You’re It”

  1. Michael avatar

    Looks like the Red Faction logo, without the hammer, to me… 😀

    The only graffiti I’ve ever seen here (apart from, er, “political” stuff years ago near my school) is a Che Guevara one on a wall just up the street from me. It’s tiny :/

    Never played JSR to my shame.

  2. Laura avatar

    Fran you crack me up. This blog has made me think, mostly that I would never EVER brighten up my sleepy little village with a Gears logo… ever.

  3. Barry avatar

    I’m hunting Banksy images this weekend 🙂

  4. Simon avatar

    I’d be so chuffed if I was out walking in some Welsh village and I found a Gears logo and some dog tags.

    That Hoboken picture is true genius.

  5. Dan Lear avatar
    Dan Lear

    have you seen the graffiti in town near big tesco’s in the ali way bit of jimmy hendrix ?

  6. Fran avatar

    Yeh I’ve seen it, it’s massive, you couldn’t ‘not’ see it. 😉

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