If I Were A Rich Girl…

In January of this year, I finally got myself a HDTV. The feeling I got when I saw it all set up, shiny and pretty… let’s just say I was very, very happy.


I had been wanting to get one for at least 2 years, but other, more boring but also more essential things got in the way. I had to be the boring one who drew the line and said, ‘Yes, I want it, I really want it, but I have a perfectly working standard definition television here and I really need to pay the electric bill/council tax/insert mundane payment here’.

Also, to be honest, even now, the only thing that I really wanted an HDTV for, was so that I could finally read the otherwise stupidly small writing that is reserved for lowly standard definition owners. Yeah image quality is better for HD but I wasn’t exactly complaining about it before. If there weren’t so many games that got ruined for me because I couldn’t read what was going on, I would probably still be happy with my standard def now. I do wonder if it was absolutely necessary to make the writing unreadable. It was like a tiny voice in my ear whispering, ‘This wouldn’t be an issue if you forked out’, which made me a little angry, because some people can’t afford to.

So, after so long, I am now armed with my HDTV. I am able to read the text on the likes of Dead Rising and Dead Space. I can see where I’m going in split screen. The world is right again!  I am probably not going to buy another TV for a very long time.

I'll be able to afford one of these in about 10 years or so..
I'll be able to afford one of these in about ten years or so…

Of course, now that the majority of people have bought their HDTVs, now that even the ones who waited until the prices went down (i.e. me) have got up to speed on the situation, it’s time for something new that is cool, new and absolutely essential if you want the full gaming experience! Oh, yeah and you bet it’s gonna have a major price tag on it too. 3D televisions are slowly making an appearance, and with the current craze of every film and its dog jumping on the 3D wagon, I can bet it won’t be long until you can’t play a game properly unless you have a 3D TV.

Hard to believe black and white TVs were once the height of technology.
Hard to believe black and white TVs were once the height of technology.

The main issues I have are not with new technology. If we didn’t ever move forward, we would still be playing pong on black and white TVs today. The thing that bothers me is there isn’t just new consoles and new games anymore. It’s new consoles, new games, new TVs, and new cables to connect TVs to consoles (very specific cables, I hear); as soon as you have finished scrimping and saving and are proud that you have it all, it’s all so yesteryear and it’s time to start again.

Progress is everything, in technology, I wholeheartedly agree. But I hope that someone gives a thought about the people who haven’t got all the money in the world, and keeps the games enjoyable for people who have only got an HDTV.







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  1. Markatansky avatar

    It really is sooooooo much better than a Crapo-Ray Tube.

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I’m still on standard def tv. I do want the HDTV and I will get one. It is annoying to have a game and not be able to read the text, and it still happens. Mass Effect 2 had this problem and BioWare addressed the issue saying that a patch would not be possible to fix the issue. So we’re stuck with it.

    One day I’ll have my HDTV and this won’t be an issue for me anymore, but the developers need to consider standard owners still.

  3. Tony avatar

    Brightness was an issue for me before I went HDTV. King Kong was famously too dark unless
    you had a HDTV, but I struggled with lots of games. The tunnels in Burnout Revenge were like black holes and I had to stop playing Condemned because I couldn’t see were I was
    going. All this, and with the TV brightness on maximum!

    However, I did switch to HDTV quite quickly and therefore missed the small text craze.

  4. asamink avatar

    It was GTA IV for me. I couldn’t read half the text on the mobile phone. In some missions I had to guess what I had to do. Also on the radar I could not differentiate between the up and down arrows, a nightmare in the tall tower blocks, I would be up and down stairs for ages. GTA was not I game I could just give up on. I had to get a new TV.

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