Win Official BioShock 2 Strategy Guide


Enraptured by Rapture, but ‘Bio-shocked’ at how little money you have left after Christmas? Well, we have four copies of the BradyGames Signature Series ‘Bioshock 2’ strategy guides to give away. As well as a star prize – a copy of the ‘oh so very impressive’ limited edition that includes bonus content. What is the bonus content? We’re hoping for a real life plasmid that will allow for you to make fire with your hands in real life – we smell a BBQ! Still we know that it will have maps, advice and all the info on Big Sisters, Little Sisters and Big Daddy prototypes you can shake an oversized drill bit at.

bioshockbookBut how do you win this wonderful, helpful ‘stop beating your head against a wall in being stuck in a game fury’ book?

Would you kindly answer this question? Who was the founder of the underwater city of Rapture?

Was it:

A. Andrew Ryan

B. Sofia Lamb

C. Geoff Hurst in the 1966 World Cup Final

The competition closes on 20th of February.  Enter before we send in the little sisters to drain your corpse of ADAM.

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