Death by… a cute fuzzy creature?!

Every now and then every gamer feels the need to put down the chain gun, step away from the sports car and jump into a cutesy but maddeningly addictive world. A classic example of this is Little Big Planet – no killing or maiming but ridiculously popular just the same. And obviously, there’s nothing wrong with deciding to play a more cutesy game every now and then, but… why do they make these “fun” games so damn difficult?! It’s one thing to be yelling at the screen when a giant evil alien boss with 16 lasers is attacking you but when you just can’t get your Sackboy to do what you want?! You just look like a lunatic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all cutesy games are hard. In fact, probably the worst thing about them is that they start off so stress-free and relaxing that when the stress does arrive you’re just not prepared for it.

I’ve completed Little Big Planet and by the end it was a very stressful ordeal! It could well be that my years of playing FPS and RPGs have ruined my once honed platformer skills but I guess I’ll never know. As I said in my review for Fairytale Fights I do seem to throw myself off cliffs a lot these days! It took a lot of perseverance but I finally got my little sackboy to the end. I am well known as someone who will at least beat every game I play and even I consider giving up once or twice!

Why Sackboy? What did I do to deserve it?!
Why Sackboy? What did I do to deserve it?!

Next up, Beautiful Katamari (insert scream here). This wonderfully weird cutesy game had many gamers tearing their hair out as the levels got increasingly difficult. The pre-release made it look so fun and relaxing, little did we know that actually if you were new to the series some levels were impossibly hard. Many gave up and again I soldiered on, but just beating the game was hard enough.

So next time you see someone you know playing a cutesy game and feel the urge to mock them just stop and think for a moment. Because after all, it’s not always an easy way out and could you do any better?

Looks cute...therefore must be terrifyingly hard - RUN AWAY!
Looks cute… therefore must be terrifyingly hard – RUN AWAY!







3 responses to “Death by… a cute fuzzy creature?!”

  1. Kat avatar

    I’ve recently completed Beautiful Katamari and was surprised how tricky some later parts were, I wasn’t even close to rolling enough stuff! Fab game though and it is nice to have a break from shooting things. Variety is the spice after all!

  2. Duncan avatar

    God I love Spyro. Before he got his female sidekick, he was much cooler back then. 🙂

    Never found it hard though, I could complete some levels of Spyro 1-3 with my eyes shut!

  3. asamink avatar

    I got MW2 yesterday, but what did I do when I got home? I played the new Ratchet and Clank. I’m loving the humour and the childishness of it all. After playing Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Batman and Resistance 2 over the last few months I feel like a change.

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