The Gaming Raven

RavenAs I sat inside my four cold walls, the howling wind of autumn’s fall
Gently rapped at windows ledge, tapping, tapping, on the edge
I turned to look at what could call out from the dark upon the lawn
In haste I shut my chamber door
Silence came… and nothing more.

Then suddenly from the window pane, a quiet voice did call my name
Attention fixed no sound could turn me from the game my hands did yearn
But almost at once, again the same, that ghostly voice did call my name
I dropped the game upon the floor
I heard my name… but nothing more.

With curiosity on my mind, the source of my call I had to find
As I looked out upon the scene, two blood red eyes looked back at me
At once the Raven flew inside, graceful, black and full of pride
Wondering what he was here for
Staring cold… but nothing more.

“Who are you? I demand you say! To come in here like I’m your prey”
But blankly he returned my look, and with one swift move, off he took
Towards the game I was to play, on the floor it still lay
Tapping with his beak of ore
He bleakly squawked… ‘”Nevermore”.

pyramid_head“Nevermore?” I questioned him, who was he to come within
And tell me of my game’s demise, I swiftly knocked back his cold lies
“Games are me and who I am, how dare you curse me to the damned!
I don’t know what you’re hoping for”
But back he stared… and nothing more.

With one fell swoop aimed at the bird, whose fortune for me was most absurd
The game in sight and with open hand, I lost before I even began
In its grasp it took the game, this bird was making me insane
I knew what he now had in store
But still he squealed out “Nevermore”.

“You can’t know what lies inside, the fortune of one gamer’s mind
In Silent Hill you do belong, with demon cults and siren songs
Through fog so deep no eye could greet, the eerie snow beneath your feet
Into Hell I will make you soar
I will show you this ‘Nevermore’.

Tempt your fate in evil schools, or Otherworld’s rusty pools
I dare you take on Pyramid Head, try to kill him with a pipe of lead!
Leave me be and take your curse, and trouble a demented rotting nurse!
What kind of gamer do you take me for
To bark your fate then nothing more?

Tired of demon summoning, maybe ghosts are more your thing?
I curse thee to a mansion old, in Japan this tale is told
Take a picture but Raven make it fast, Himuro spirits ensure it’s your last
Ropes, tapes and Kirie’s Lore”
I screamed at him “Nevermore!”

“Curse a man to spend his fate, to protect the Shrine Maidens Gate!
Find trials in a fatal frame and leave me here to play my game!
Shinto Ritual I am not, Raven here you’ve had your lot
I don’t know what you’re waiting for!”
I looked at him… but nothing more.

Project Zero 2

Still he flew around the room, without a care for his new doom
Perhaps instead it was I, in madness deep that one should lie
For slowly I felt myself slip, into Raven’s hypnotic trip
Obsessed to bring the Raven gore
I doomed myself to Nevermore.

So now I wait in Raven’s call, strange noises beyond padded walls
Waiting for that fateful game, forever cursing Raven’s name
And on All Hallows Eve, full of fright
Ready Up wish you a very…









4 responses to “The Gaming Raven”

  1. Rhyle avatar

    Great stuff. Happy Hallowe’en!

  2. Darach avatar

    Is there anything scarier than ‘disc read error’, the ‘three red beady eyes of doom’, or ‘big ass raven just stole my game disc’?

    It’s almost enough to make you wish for the days of cartridges. They were harder to hold in their beaks 🙂

  3. Sarah-Lou avatar

    delayed response i know…but im lovin the Edgar Allen Poe mixed with Silent Hill references…tis was very snazzy!

  4. raekwon avatar

    It’s a bit long init?

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