The DRM wars plagued the release of Spore and the internet backlash was severe, but that aside one thing I don’t think it got enough praise for was its creature creator. Before launch you could make your own creatures, something that could take hours in some cases, then come launch day your beastly monstrosity is ready and awaiting your command.

I had great fun with it and probably spent more time making new creatures than I have playing full priced games.

Bioware takes its next step into the RPG field with its impending release of Dragon Age: Origins, which recently saw its character creator made available for download.

Dragon Age fine grooming
Beard grooming my newest hero is important before a Dragon hunt.

By the power of magic, the internet placed the creator onto my PC and before you knew it I was fiddling with all sorts of options. Thirty minutes or so later I was sat looking at the newest hero that was set to grace the world of Ferelden.

That’s when it hit me, I wanted the game now, and I mean now – and it was all the character creator’s fault.

The character creator in itself offers nothing more than a simple way of making your character before launch. You can’t do anything with them except continue to tweak them until you are satisfied that your Elf’s ears are at just the right height and angle from his shoulders.

So it’s strange that something so simple can have such an effect.

It’s different from a demo where you just run around sampling bits and pieces of gameplay, you’ve just made your character and nothing else. The keyword here being “your”, it all belongs to you and he or she will be at the helm of your many adventures as you take on the forces of darkness and kick major butt.

So yeah, November 6th couldn’t come soon enough really, not only is it a fantasy RPG which I have a soft spot for, but I’m now sat chomping at the bit, waiting for Rynstex the Dwarf to begin his quest, for him to tell his story and of course, to acquire shiny loot!