It’s the final countdown!

It’s October, that means it’s less than three months until Xmas. It also means that shops in town have started to fill their shelves with selection boxes and gift ideas [Read: Deodorant Bags], but Xmas isn’t important right now, what’s important is our winter games line up, which is great news for us – but bad news for our bank accounts.

October, the month where people dress up [badly] as ghosts, witches and other things that go bump in the night sees the release of a couple of games for us to sink our teeth into.

Fifa 10 [Oct 2nd] which looks set to be one of the best football games to date, along with Borderlands [23rd] and the rather tasty looking Forza 3 hitting later on in the month [23rd].

Those three titles alone should keep the majority happy, but when you also factor in Tropico 3 [16th] which should have fans of the PC strategy series left with their dictator urges satisfied, Lips: Number one hits [23rd] which will no doubt be great for those living room karaoke kings and queens.

Grand Theft Auto fans will also be dribbling at the thought of getting their hands on the Ballad of Gay Tony which hits later on in the month [29th] and in effect brings October to a close.

November is a time when we celebrate the houses of parliament not being blown up, the world also starts to get a bit more in tune with the Xmas spirit as towns across the land become more decorated and the faint hopes of snow on Xmas morning become more common place. Forget that though, November is games month!

Starting right out of the bat is Dragon Age: Origins [6th] along with Ghostbusters for those that didn’t give in to the import temptation. Just four days later sees the release of Modern Warfare 2, you may have heard of it perhaps.

With night visions goggles equipped we make our way to the half way point of the month and with it Left 4 Dead 2 [17th] which a few of our very own shall be quite pleased about. Again, just a few days later sees the release of Assassins Creed II [20th] and another money sinking tasty collectors edition to be had with it.

Throw in Band Hero [6th], DJ Hero [13th], and Tony Hawk: Ride [20th] all of which should appeal to their targeted audiences and November starts looking quite full.

You’re pretty much out of luck if your an avid zombie hunting, turntable scratching, guitar wielding, skateboarding assassin, in which case it’s going to get quite expensive, and you’ll probably have to forgo luxuries such as sleep just to play everything. You wouldn’t have it any other way though, and neither would I think.

December is always a quiet month but The Saboteur looks like it could be worth a look at when it lands [4th]. You also have to factor in a few games that are still pencilled in for release this year that don’t have a release date yet. Tekken, The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, Serious Sam HD and how can you forget the PSN / XBL release of Earthworm Jim, which providing it does hit before the seasonal period should mean we all get a bit of nostalgia in our stockings.

Our line up to Xmas is looking rather tasty, now can you just imagine if Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Starcraft 2, Max Payne 3, Mafia 2, Aliens Vs Predator hadn’t all suffered from being delayed, at least this way there’ll be no game shortage in the new year, instead I imagine many will be playing this years winter’s lineup at least well into the spring.

Good times, good times indeed!







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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Last year had a phenomonal run up to Christmas with games I wanted and played but not so many this year. Looks like the new year might be better this time around as there seems to be more games delayed to 2010 that I will be wanting.

    However, there are still a bunch of games I will be getting and it looks like Borderlands will be the first on them followed by The Ballad Of Gay Tony, Ghostbusters, COD MF2 and L4D2. Haven’t really looked into the PS3 release schedule.

    Not that I need more games, there’s still a ‘to be played’ pile growing and others to go back to selection, but…. new games.

    Now I just need that lottery win to have enough time to play them.

  2. Tony avatar

    It’s even worse/better if you have a PS3 too, as you’ve got to factor in Uncharted 2, and the new Ratchet and Clank.

    Both of which I can’t wait for!

  3. Ben avatar

    I completely forgot about Uncharted 2 and the new Ratchet and Clank, which is daft as my list pinned to my wall is multi format. I shall hang my head in shame as both will be must buys, with Uncharted 2 being right up there as a possible game of the year contender.

  4. Duncan avatar

    Upsetting Ben, your blog has a serious LACK OF METAL. (Hint, Hint!)

    However, us gamers sure do have one heck of a year to still look forward to! 😀

  5. Lorna avatar

    There is bugger all I htink that I’m after this year which is the opposite of the last Winter lineup. Hydrophobia and Saboteur are about it.

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