The Myth of Retro

There seems to be an age old idea perpetuated by the gaming society that tells you retro games are absolutely solid.  Well I’m here to tell you that this myth is not 100% true. Now when I say ‘retro’ I’m talking about those games you played when you were just a nipper and your gaming experience was non-existent.

Do you remember when you first got your sticky mitts on a game? I was seven years old and it was that special time of year, Christmas. My older brother got himself a Super Nintendo which came with Street Fighter II: Turbo, whereas I got a Barbie doll which came with a small bottle of pink dye. No offence to Barbie, but I was absolutely taken by this game. The only down side was, I was mega pants at it. This trend continued throughout most of the games that we got for the Super Nintendo. As years went by and our collection grew, so did my gaming skills. When we got the Nintendo 64, I was finally able to show that I kinda knew what I was doing, but it wasn’t until the Nintendo GameCube that I was able to become the mighty player that I am today.

Recently, as a way to try and save some money on games, I’ve been going back to these games that defeated me when I was younger. I wanted to prove that I have finally become a hell of a lot better then I was way back when. So, first on my list was Banjo-Kazooie. Now my older brother was the first one to finish this game, which was mega helpful for me because I got to watch what he did and basically copy him.

BanjoKazooie cover

But when it came to me playing the game… I don’t think I can really express how solid this game was. Usually in games you can get away with not collecting each and every item, but this game is definitely not one of them. The only way to  finish the game is to collect  everything – which is extremely hard. From collecting musical notes which you need to open new levels, to collecting these adorable creatures called Jinjos, which were always in random and hard to reach parts of the level. All of which was extremely annoying.

Banjo and Kazooie looking cool!
Banjo and Kazooie looking cool!

With my audience watching my every move and cheering me on, and by my audience I mean my boyfriend, I set out to do two things: 1) Get each and every collectible to help me progress. These included jigsaw puzzle pieces (known as ‘Jiggies’), Jinjos and musical notes; 2) Finish the game as quickly as possible.  My brother managed to finish it in twelve and a half hours and collect everything. I was seriously trailing behind at just under 19 hours, still with two more levels to complete. Currently I’m actually on track to completely smash my previous time, which is amazing, but I am stuck on the final level called Click-Tock Wood. This particular level is split into four sections, each of which represent one of the seasons. Now I knew this level would give me the most trouble so I’m not surprised. But with my mighty gaming skill, I know it’ll only be a matter of time until I get the job done; wish me luck!







3 responses to “The Myth of Retro”

  1. Darach avatar

    Banjo-Kaz!! 😀

    Great game 🙂
    I’ve promised myself I’ll get the 200 gamerpoints from it before I buy Banjo-Tooie 🙂
    And so far I’m standing strong… 🙂 so far 😉

    *Mumbo-magics into a bee and buzzes off to the forum* bzzz 🙂

  2. Van-Fu avatar

    Oh dear god. Will this game never die? Sarah-Lou, this game is responsible for the cult of 755.
    As found in this thread.

    And as explained by me on this YouTube video.

    Unbelievable, what impact this game has had on so many different gamers.

  3. Jake avatar

    Oh my god, he’s managed to get a mention of 755 in again. Sarah-Lou, you have awoken a beast now and it will take some time to quash him again 🙂 Nice blog though!

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