The Couple That Games Together…

… stays together. It’s an inexplicable trend I have noticed amongst myself, colleagues and friends alike. Of course relationships come and go, but what brings and holds a couple to each other more than House of the Dead 4 in an arcade? If you are muttering to yourself: “Well I hear that spending more time talking, and cooking each other romantic meals works pretty well.” You sir (or madam) are wrong.

Every single pairing in the history of relationships has begun with conventional woo-ing, going to the cinema and giggling when you both reach for the popcorn at the same time, and the male pretending desperately to know how to write poetry. Yet only the rare few are able to share a stint on Dead Air as Zoey & Bill (yes, I play the old guy, army veterans are still cool to me!). I’ve been with my amazing girlfriend Jo for six years (really great years, may I add for when she reads this), and I genuinely believe, hand-on-heart, that we may not have made it this far were it not for Crash Bandicoot 1 helping us through those awkward silences back in 2003.

I have a good feeling about these marriages.
I have a good feeling about these marriages.

I need look no further than right here on Ready Up! I’ve lost count on how many times I have been in a Live party consisting of one or more boyfriend/girlfriend couples, happy as clams to be enjoying a rousing game of Grand Theft Auto 4 with each other. This does not always equate to a positive in the gaming itself though, because with your significant other by your side you are… shall we say, more encouraged to rescue them in their moment of need? (I’m looking at you Crunchy, nobody runs back half a level’s worth of distance in Left 4 Dead to save a smoker hooked brethren otherwise. Nobody!)

A particular friend of mine (who I shall not name, but when he reads this he will know) has the bad habit, he chases girls who lack the gaming gene, and I think this is a mistake. Stop! Do not begin typing an e-mail titled: “Love is true no matter what”, I don’t want to accidentally start a feminist movement, I label this a mistake because he is flat-out addicted to his consoles (and any achievements contained there-in). When I quizzed him his mind was pushed to the limit attempting to think of five games he had not played or owned (five!).

I can’t imagine my world without being an open gamer, having to tuck my hobby behind the empty shoe-boxes in the cupboard and pretend that I thought of it nothing more than a baby’s toy to the woman I loved. Life is a co-op game, so always cherish and treasure your partner always… unless they start to spawn kill.

Jo's love for Duncan is depleting quickly.
Jo's love for Duncan is depleting quickly.







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  1. van-fu avatar

    Duncan, you have given me renewed motivation to get Mrs Van-Fu into games. I shall quote your example and tell her that the awkward silences that we had in 2004 could have been avoided altogether if we had a few sessions of Dead or Alive 4 together.

    Bravo for this blog. I am so impressed, I am going to tweet this now.

  2. Kat avatar

    Love the blog Dunk 😀

    Ignoring the fact I’ve already had a wedding >.< I want a cake in tiers as a hospital, surrounded by Boomers and Smokers then the happy couple on the top being the bride pounced by a Hunter groom ^_^ I'll just need to get married again, doh!

  3. MarkuzR avatar

    This is something I hadn’t really considered before now, as I tend to take it for granted that my better half will get along with me anyway… otherwise they wouldn’t BE my better half.

    Having said that… thirteen boring years with a non gamer and six fun filled years with a gamer actually helps to substantiate your claims, at least as far as I’m concerned.

    One of the earlist weekends visiting London to see Lorna was spent trailing around DVD stores and ended up with us hunched in front of the TV in the hotel room playing Addams Family on the SNES, followed by hours of Lorna swearing profusely whilst playing Zombies Ate My Neighbours.

    Since then our gaming and console collection has grown thanks to some very observant purchasing for christmas and birthdays. I finally got another Oric-1, Lorna got a Spectrum 128+ and an Oric Atmos, I got a Vectrex, she got a Wii and a 360 (best thing I ever bought her I think!) and we spend hours chatting about upcoming games or games we’re currently playing, and look forward to being rear ended by Peggles 😉

    Yes… you could actually be right 😀 Excellent blog!

  4. Tony avatar

    That second cake is a lie.

    First of all, the Xbox is above the PS2 and is yet somehow smaller – and secondly, it would crush both the PS2 and 360 flat with its massive weight.

    Good blog though. Got me worried now as my partner doesn’t consider herself a gamer – although, that said, we did spend most of last night playing Guitar Hero 5 together.

  5. Duncan avatar

    Thanks everyone! Glad you all liked it.

    @ Van: Tweeting is always appreciated! ;D <3

    @ Kat: OMG I want that cake… may have to get married just to see how it turns out!

    @ Mark: You two give the most amazing presents! Although you brought back bad memories of ZAMN…

    @ Tony: That second cake is miss-informed and with bad proposionality. It is not a lie. 😉

  6. Jonny Harris avatar
    Jonny Harris

    In two and a half years of being with my girlfriend, we played a total of 15 minutes of games together. We are broke up 5 days ago, enough said…

  7. John.B avatar

    Lmao! It just appeals to my James Bond fantasies, nothing beats running back for a dramatic rescue.

    Equally I take perverse joy in annoying hell out of her during games, I know just what to do to make her put down her pad and sigh heavily 😀

  8. Duncan avatar

    Oh my God I know the exact sign you’re referring to!

    Shortly after that photo above was taken of the two of us, the game ended and I won. Pad was down, breath was exhaled.

    Smiled a little inside. ;D

  9. asamink avatar

    Damn. I wish I’d thought of that. I could have suggested a Manhunt themed cake for my wedding. Those “cutting the cake” pictures would have looked a bit different….

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