To Infinity… And Beyond!

I have a problem. It conflicts with my dark, gothic soul and it pains me to admit it but…

I quite like Disney.

I don’t sit and watch the films all day. My house isn’t festooned with tacky Disney memorabilia you find in those Sunday paper adverts and I certainly never, ever sing along to Enchanted’s “Happy Working Song” while doing the housework. I have, however, just returned from my third trip to Disneyland Paris in less than twelve months. This blog is my confession to you. I’m baring my soul to publicly declare one of my most favourite games. I’m not cool enough for it to be Gears of War. I’m not retro enough for it to be an obscure arcade title from the 80s. Nope, one of my top games is Toy Story Racer.

Toy Story Racer

Although I owned a SNES, I didn’t have Mario Kart. I had a brief moment of happiness with the game in 1999, thanks to a flatmate and his N64, which was snatched away when he selfishly moved out and took the console with him. Two years later, while out shopping, I spotted Toy Story Racer for the PSone. It’s quite clearly based on Mario Kart but you can race as Buzz Lightyear or Woody! I fully embraced my gothiness by plumping with the pink and girly Bo Peep as my character from day one. Turns out she’s a demon in a kart and cackles a dirty laugh while speeding past the competition. Weapon pick-ups are all on a toy theme and include sheep bombs you can drop, bouncing balls you can lob behind you and toy rockets that shoot forwards.

You don’t just spend your time racing around Andy’s house or Pizza Planet in endless laps although that is where I’m happiest. Single player involves challenges you work through to unlock new playable characters. There’s also a  multiplayer Battle Mode in an open area, for example a 10 pin bowling centre, where you can use your weapons to try and take out the others and the winner is the last toy standing.

You're mocking me, aren't you?
You're mocking me, aren't you?

So there you have it. That’s my guilty gaming secret. It’s fun, colourful, entertaining, competitive and it’s Disney. After eight years I still enjoy racing my little heart out and there’s not many games I can say that about. Even though I have to dwell morosely amongst moonlit tombstones listening to Bauhaus for a week  after playing, it is absolutely worth it.







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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I enjoyed the first Crash Bandicoot racer as my closest to Mario Kart game for Playstation. Never played Toy Story Racer thou.

    My favourite Disney related game would have to be Kingdom Hearts. Loved playing through the story and interacting with so many Disney characters that I’d grown up with.

  2. Kirsten avatar

    Disney, hah! ridiculous.

    *plays Singstar Disney*

    A whole neeew wooooorld ♫

  3. van-fu avatar

    8 years of gaming. Tell me, is your little one better at it than you now?

  4. Kat avatar

    *whispers* I own Singstar Disney. Santa brought it for a little un. Wasn’t for me. No way.

    I’ve gamed since I was about 9 Van. I still slightly have the edge on the 7 year old 😉

  5. markBOSS avatar

    one of my fave mega drive games of all time is ‘Toy Story’ based on the original movie. It looked great, I mean its prob one of the few games I could return to because it still looks nice. And the gameplay was fantastice, the doom style level inside the grabby machine is quite awesome.

    The Lion King game was pretty kick arse also. I think Virgin and Disney wanted to repeat on Alladins success.

    But yeah Disney rocks. ot as much as they use to. But still…rocktitude a plenty.

  6. Scott avatar

    It’s a shame that it’s become something of a taboo to like Disney. IMHO, they made some incredible movies until around the mid-90’s, and then Pixar picked up where they left off.

    The Mega-Drive and SNES stuff has already been mentioned, but back in the NES days, Disney also made some amazing games… or rather, the companies they licenced to did. Capcom handled Chip ‘n Dale, Darkwing Duck and Ducktales (running on a variant of the Megaman engine, I believe) and they were all pretty awesome. Of particular note was Chip ‘n Dale’s excellent co-op mode, which allowed you to pick up your partner and toss him around just like a weapon. Good stuff!

  7. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Damn! I really want to play that game. Sounds like much fun. Your beautifully constructed Bauhaus sentence made me do a chuckle, and I’m more of a cuddler than a chuckler, as has been well-documented.

  8. Duncan avatar

    I don’t still have my Woody & Buzz Lightyear action figures from my childhood. Really. >.>

  9. Sir Andrew Strauss OBE avatar
    Sir Andrew Strauss OBE

    In fairness, if your flatmate had Mariokart 64 you didn’t miss much when he took it away. It was the SNES original that stole whole years of my childhood. It was one of the most playable games of a generation. These were the days when playability was key, we had class like PS1’s Olympic Soccer, Sensible Soccer on the Amiga, SNES Mariokart and Micro Machines on the Megadrive.

    The N64 version of ‘kart was a good game, but there was just something missing. . . I never did work out what is was.

  10. Darach avatar

    I never played Toy Story Racer, but I can testify to the addictiveness of many a kart-racer.
    🙁 The ‘Diddy Kong Racing’ period of my life is a sad and much bemoaned story filled with loss, regret and those dinky little aeroplanes I used to like so much 🙂

    I can only imagine what kind of horror could be unleashed by adding some Disney magic to the formula :O

    “Won’t anyone think of the children?!!!”


  11. Lorna avatar

    Shame game! Shame game! *points like a pod person*

    I remember enjoying Disney stuff for the Snes, the co op on one of the Mickey and Donald games was fun, with Mickey having to drag Donald’s fat arse through gaps.

    @Scott – Someone else remembers Chip n Dale! That was a fun game which I wish I had played more.

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