Is It A Shooter?

For someone who plays games a lot, I really don’t play a lot of games. I tend to stick to games that I enjoy for ages, especially if they have a decent multiplayer. There’s the occasional RPG or puzzler that I get into (okay, get completely consumed by) but mostly, when I buy a new game or spot a new release I wanna know one thing – is it a Shooter?


Let’s see, what is it about guns that satifies me so?!  I guess it’s the power, the damage they cause, the sound of the bullets punching through the air and the carnage, the sheer carnage of a mass firefight. There’s the potential to tear an opponent to shreds before they can fire a single shot. The test of skill and fast reflexes and trying to perfect my aim. Sometimes going for clean, efficient headshots and other times panic firing an entire clip into the enemy’s chest and somehow managing to down them. It’s all good, it’s all fun and it all makes kills and KillerChicks do rather like making kills. Pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, I love them all but I’d cast any of those to the ground like a piece of worthless plastic crap for a good ol’ assault rifle any day!

So there I was one day, minding my own business, all “I only like games with guns”  and having a light-hearted geeky discussion about game tactics and strategies with a friend, when Street Fighter IV came up and one thing led to another and I ended up ordering it. I’m still not sure why, I mean, there are no guns in that game! I was convinced I would play it once or twice, get my ass kicked then neglect it for some cheesy FPS.


I must admit, it is such a pretty game and that could be what kept me playing at the start when I was getting mercilessly owned in every single round by my so called friends whilst crying out “How do I block?” and “What the hell is an EX attack?” and “Oh my god I need to stop jumping around this isn’t Halo FFS!”  Setting my sights low, if I could manage to stop my opponent from finishing with a perfect I was happy. But inevitably each time I played, I landed more hits, I perfected more special moves and realised I was actually enjoying myself doing so and most surprisingly I learned that in fact SFIV, a game without guns, is freaking awesome!

That impulse buy, maybe it was fate, a path set out for me, a new warrior. An unlikely contender, facing a brand new challenge. Hesitant, yet open minded, inexperienced but determined. Humble enough to know that I’m far from ready to defeat those I step up to but cocky enough to let you know that I no longer fear unarmed combat. Each time I fail I become a little wiser and I’ve so far failed many times; not getting discouraged but picking up the skills I need to make you work for your win. For me it’s a new way of thinking, a new style of play and I strive to do better each time.  So come on, bring it on! Who wants a fight, eh?








5 responses to “Is It A Shooter?”

  1. DelTorroElSorrow avatar

    “I was getting mercilessly owned in every single round by my so called friends”

    Awwww, I got a mention 😛

  2. Van-Fu avatar

    Continue your training, and I am sure that you will soon strike fear into the hearts of all that live in Forumania.

  3. MrCuddleswick avatar

    I’m already quaking in my boots. We should have a few matches killer chick, but be warned, I’m freaking marvellous at Street Fighter.

  4. Lorna avatar

    I’m equally crap at this 😀 Anyway, yes, you should be sticking to the same games and not in anyway notching up any gamerscore which may overtake me…

  5. Darach avatar

    Does shooting fireballs count? 😉

    As a Street Fighter fan, I think it’s great to see you spread your wings and broaden your horizons.

    Next up; cutesy platformers!! 😀 You’ll lurve them ^_^
    There’s Yoshi’s Island, and Kirby. 🙂 And some Sonic The Hedgehog for when you want to feel all edgy and grown-up 🙂

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