Status: Conceived

It was a warm summers day, a Friday to be precise and the only question running through my head was:

“Why did I leave it this long, now delivery won’t be here until at least Tuesday”

A situation I’m sure quite a few of you are familiar with, it’s the price we pay for quality bargain shopping from the comfort of your own chair, after all.

The order in question was my new PC – the old one, despite a make shift patch up last year is now being relegated to 2nd in command. It’d had served me well for over four years but sadly time had taken its toll on the old guy and he was well due his retirement.

It had actually taken since the previous Monday to piece together a list of individual components that would be used to bond and create the new machine, a bit like an episode of Power Rangers but without the annoying cymbal headed robot chirping away.Meet Louis

Preliminary lists were made, scrapped, parts taken out and replaced with different parts. It was like a game of Risk, only with less gun powder and more silicon. Finally I had reached the stage where – for my budget – I was happy. It had enough power to play pretty much anything on the market, as well as the ability to remain useable for a good few years yet, with space for upgrades should I desire (which is a safe bet to assume I will).

To most people the process I went through was probably one they themselves would have ignored, but this was my new baby, my new Skynet.  While it could have been easier to just load up a website and buy the parts already assembled there’s something satisfying about booting up a PC that you know you pieced together. Of course, there’s the benefit of knowing exactly what is housed in the case, the RAM, graphics card, even the processor – all will have graced my finger tips before finding their way into their new Coolermaster home.

For now though, all I have to go on is a tracking number and an empty space under my desk – but the day of delivery draws close.

Tune into part two where I begin to assemble bits, and get into an argument with the postman!







5 responses to “Status: Conceived”

  1. Lorna avatar

    Hope it all goes well! I kind of compromise when getting a new PC between selecting parts and buying off the peg. A client of ours runs a computing shop, so we tell him what gubbins we want and he builds it, installs Windows (thank fuck) and all the drivers etc and ships it out. So I get the benefit of a custom system without the aggravation of building it and installing drivers and the dreaded Windows. Plus if you want to stick with XP Pro, you have little choice but to buid or buy custom nowadays since most places come with Vista.

  2. Ben avatar

    I was running XP Pro prior to the new system, and really liked it, good all round performance and good at running games.

    I couldn’t let anyone touch my PC, in fact I even get edgy when people use it to play games and such (which is really rare anyway). Like my 2nd son…

  3. Lorna avatar

    I made the mistake once of getting an Alienware laptop, having been seduced by the gorgeous looks of the casing. God awful bettery life and burns hotter than the sun’s core. Also, other half done some t’internet digging and discovered the name of the company who makes the lappys for Alienware (who then apparently just clip on their spiffy or airbrushed lids)…he then found the name of another smaller company who use the same chassis as Alienware and got one (with their simple badge branding) for a third of the cost! You pay for pretty 🙁

  4. Ben avatar

    That you do, the new PC would have cost me over £1500 if I had bought it in shops, was under £500 for a self build and clever shopping.

    My heart sinks everytime I walk past PC world or something similar and watch someone walk out with a new machine 🙁

  5. MarkuzR avatar

    I used to think that too.. but now I just think it’s their own fault for not having the sense to do a bit of research. There’s really no excuse these days with so many forums offering advice and so many companies with their own websites. The people who just wander out aimlessly and spend £1500 in PC World pretty much deserve to be taken for a ride.

    What makes me sad is that the bigwigs are happy enough to rip the consumer off by charging ridiculous prices. The components in my systems are the highest possible spec and it was £470 and the PC World equivalent would be cheaper components for more than double the cost overall.

    Doesn’t matter how much I want something, I’ll scout around to see if it’s actually worth the money and worth buying in the first place. Took me almost four days of reading AVForums before deciding on the TV for the lounge and when I’d shortlisted it to two models, I read 126 pages about this one TV. That was the clincher, and it was more than £1000 less than a Sony Bravia with a much MUCH better image and response time.

    Really hope you enjoy your new system… try not to think about losing a son, just look at it like he brought a friend home from school and you decided to let him stay 🙂

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