Win a copy of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings!

Now available in stores, the long awaited Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings from Lucas Arts is a heart-pumping title which has you stepping into the shoes of the legendary hero, Indiana Jones, in an all new epic action adventure for the Wii!

Set in the year 1939, Indiana Jones® and the Staff of Kings™ follows the rogue archaeologist on an all-new globe-trotting quest.  A gauntlet of breathtaking locations await the intrepid player, from San Francisco’s Chinatown to the lush jungles of Panama.  Indy must use his whip, fists, and wits to fight through ruthless opposition as he spars with his nemesis, Magnus Völler, in a race for a relic of biblical proportions – the Staff of Moses.

Move aside Ms Croft and let the original expert show you how it's done
Move aside Ms. Croft and let the original expert show you how it's done

For the first time ever, you can wield your Wii Remote™ like Indy’s signature whip to get yourself out of sticky situations, and a cooperative gameplay mode allows you and a friend to brave the challenges together – after all, every hero needs a sidekick!

The WiiMote allows you to become immersed in the whip-cracking action
The WiiMote allows you to become immersed in the whip-cracking action

With more than 20 artefacts and rewarding unlockables to discover, no wannabe archaeologist will be disappointed, so don your Fedora and prepare for Indy’s latest and possibly greatest adventure.

Thanks to the generous souls at Lucas Arts, Ready Up has 5 copies of Indiana Jones and the Staff Of Kings for the Wii (also available on DS, Sony PSP, and Playstation 2) up for grabs!

Just answer this simple question to be in with a chance of winning:

What was the name of Indy’s dog?

a) Indiana
b) Hooch
c) Junior

Send your answer to this email address to be entered into the draw. Competition closes Friday 3rd July.


Good luck, Ready Uppers!  Losers will be thrown into the Well of Souls wearing a flimsy nightie.  (Not really, we jest.  It’s in for dry cleaning anyway).







11 responses to “Win a copy of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings!”

  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Yaaay, another chance for free stuff. Go Ready Up.

  2. arc14716 avatar

    hey, i just sent my entry and got a reply saying that there are no competitions open at the moment. An error perhaps? Should I resubmit my entry?

  3. Dan avatar

    No Arc, that’s fine. Slight email slip. All corrected and all existing entries will be valid.


  4. jamesbuc avatar

    I just sent one as well and I got an error 🙁
    [email protected] right?

  5. Dan avatar

    Use the link, you’ve spelt entries wrong.

  6. Jake avatar

    Plus it has unlockable Fate of Atlantis adventure (the old point and click) on the Wii vesion. Two games in one!

  7. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Fate of Atlantis was an excellent point and click. Super bonus.

  8. jamesbuc avatar

    Thanks Dan XD I feel like a total wally now. Ah wells

  9. DunK avatar

    Free… Indiana Jones stuff?!… Oh-Em-Eff-Gee! 😀

    Lego Indy remains my only 1,000 gamerscore game. I have my whip crossed for this one!

  10. markBOSS avatar

    “See you later…Indiana Jones.”

    Thats what the Raiders pinball machine use to say when you fin a game. Great stuff.

  11. willie avatar

    “Sword or gun, gun wins unless you dont have one whoops”

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