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I can recall growing up alongside the rivalry of Mario and Sonic and you know what struck me the other day? I’m 21 and I still see these two non-ageing characters live to be continually re-invented and expand in their franchise. There’s a high chance that the majority of those who play video games, from the experienced to the younger generation, can easily recognise these two iconic characters.

However they’re not the only old dogs who return with new tricks, as days go by there’s an increase in more legendary video game heroes arising under new rendering fashions: we’ll always be wowed by the lushness of Lady Lara Croft, the surviving Snakes of Metal Gear Solid, the cocky-Dante of Devil May Cry, the vibrant cast of Street Fighter… such is the joy being a gamer that our accompanying characters grow and adapt in our modern lives.

Above all though, my first companions on the Playstation One could not have surprised more with a recent spotting. I felt like I had walked into a scenario of ‘This Is Your Life’, my nostalgic gamer heart popped like Pringles and I burst into shock and excitement. There was no mistake that I had spotted two familiar faces from the World of Phantomile, oh… my… god… it’s the return of Klonoa and Huepow and goddamn, how beautiful you’ve both become!

[youtube width=”550″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhzAlP9h2MU[/youtube]

So that was a video of the introduction to Klonoa on the Wii, which personally brings me an overwhelming flood of memories. Yeah I bet your jaws dropped seeing the rebirth of a super-awesome classic PS1 title. Those who have never played Klonoa, I bid you to pick this up because trust me, as your fellow gamer here on Ready Up, I don’t want you to miss out on a great tale of friendship which is potent Disney in a video game form.

Seriously for my sake, while I’m unable to relive the game my smile widens to know that here lies an opportunity for everyone else to experience it. I want to reminisce once more about Klonoa and yet at the same time learn of the new things you’ll see and do in the Wii’s version of the world of Phantomile.

And while we’re on the topic of having the old favourites brought back to life, what would you love to see come back? I could label dozens but I’m going to break it down to three.

Firstly as if the entire globe wouldn’t throw their hands up for a return of Final Fantasy VII, god wasn’t that PS3 tech demo such a tease! I remember signing an online petition to beg for a remake. Though it’s not set to happen, if dreams came true that’ll be the day I go straight out for a PS3 machine whatever the circumstances.

Secondly a Gamecube title which I felt was underrated, PN03. The arcade shoot-em-up mixed with progressive trance tracks and the most fluid moving combat cyber-soldier, I would love to see the bopping, rhythmical and explosive return of Vanessa.

Lastly because I feel there hasn’t been any groundbreaking, innovative racing games lately, *sigh* I never did get my childhood dream of a Tyco Rebound remote control car but I did get the next best thing, Rollcage on the PS1. It was fast, it had weapons, it had four gigantic wheels and you could drive upside down!

Who knows, eh? Maybe somebody out there will hear my plea *hint hint lovely developers*

Remakes of these would soooo kick ass and you know I'm right!
Remakes of these would soooo kick ass and you know I'm right!







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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I loved Rollcage as well, and would like to see a re-make of that, even if it was just for Live/PSN.

    The game I would love to see a re-make of would be Parasite Eve. Such an excellent game and it’s sequel. I had read a while back that a third game was being developed but was a PSP only game. How I would love another full console version.

    And the first Headhunter on Dreamcast was brilliant. Wasn’t as fussed on the sequel on PS2.

    I’m sure there are more, but it’s too early to think.

  2. Snozzeltoff avatar

    Rollcage would work really well on the iPhone, idon’t know everyones feelings on it but it’s a strong gaming platform. We’ve had some good tech running on it here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. markB0SS avatar


    That has to be one of the most underated games ever for the ps1, good call. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PN03 is a game that gone under my radar, Im gonna have to check that one out.

    As for FFVII, initially, when I first saw the tech demo, I was goosebumped, BIG TIME. But now Id rather them just leave it alone as I feel sometimes, things are perfect as they are. So in that case, I wouldnt like a re visit.

    Ive never played Klonoa, but that game did come under my radar and it shall now be in my wish list based on the reccommendation.

    Games I WOULD like to see again:
    The following is probably gonna loose me some serious gamer cred, but I was a real big fan of the Sega Mega CD and Id love to see some of thier FMV games come back. Maybe as a 360 Arcade release, or on a compilation disc. Night Trap in particular, could poss work today as a co op Arcade game. I just think they can be a real laugh, especially the really bad acting.

  4. Lorna avatar

    For me it’s tough to think of any…or it was…Jack the Nipper! Yes, I loved that character and played his two Speccy games to death. And that other retro wonder, Dizzy…I’d love a top notch platform adventure/puzzler either a new release or the old ones lovingly served sunny side up on XBLA.

    As for my other choice…Mr Guybrush Threepwood is going to be sailing back to us this summer, so one of my wishes came true ๐Ÿ™‚

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