At last, I’m A.Wake.

Is it true that the best things come to those who wait?  I suppose sometimes that is the case and I really do hope that will be the case when the long awaited, much anticipated  Alan Wake finally sees the light of day early next year.  First announced many, many years ago not much was known about Alan Wake and indeed the drip feed of snippets over the years hasn’t revealed much at all, until… To be continued.

This, Alan, will be you.
This, Alan, will be you.

Previously on Alan Wake…We knew nothing bar a few screen shots and some tidbits of information.  A great many thought that he had been binned, until..E3.  Alan Wake has come storming out the shadows and now I am looking forward to playing what developers Remedy Entertainment describe as a “Psychological Action Thriller.” Sounds good.  Let me try and tell you what I now know about this game.  Set in current day times, Alan Wake is a writer who is suffering from severe writers block, I know how that feels. He is happily married to Alice, who is trying to help him write again.  Somehow Alan ends up in the picturesque town of Bright Falls, Washington and Alice has mysteriously vanished.  Alan then sets out on a quest to find out what has happened to Alice by searching all around the small town and interacting with the locals, but there is something sinister going on.

Use your torch to fight the evils.
Use your torch to fight the evils.

The game is played as a third person adventure with you controlling Alan throughout his journey.  It seems that Alan’s amnesia has made him forget about the book he was writing but as he progresses he discovers that his work of horror is coming true, and he should know what happens next but can’t remember.  From what I’ve seen the gameplay mechanics are spot on, and there is a great use of lighting which is pivotal to the game.  The enemies, which may be alien, do not like bright light and it seems that light therefore is your greatest ally.  You can use your torch to fend off the baddies at the most basic level but when you start to use flares and brighter lights that is when you are most protected.  The baddies fizzle when light touches them, which delays them slightly, and at this point you can shoot them or attack them.  Along the way you will have to solve puzzles to progress as well as talk with all the locals to get clues and information.  Not much has been mentioned about it but you also get to do some driving around the town, and from the brief clip I saw it looks to be  as solid as the rest of the game.  The only downside is that we have to wait until Spring 2010 to play it, but by that time it should be perfect.

Digging for clues.
Digging for clues.







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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I liked the sound of this when it was first announced. It has been a long time since then and felt like it was a joke everytime we heard it was still coming.

    I wonder when you beat the game will it reveal that what you played was just Alan’s imagining of the book he was writing, the book cover closes to reveal Alan safe and sound. Then each sequel would just be a new book.

  2. markB0SS avatar

    ^ not a bad idea about being a different book!!!

    I was so worried when there was that quiet period when Remedy didnt release any info, but thank god its back.

    I have to say though, I kind of wished it was released earlier. And not for the obvious ‘GIVE IT TO ME NOW’ reasons, but because it graphically looked this amazing 4 years ago when other games did not.

    Oh well, I guess this way (hopefully) the game will be more of a complete expereince.


  3. Michael avatar

    That book idea is indeed genius! 😀

    I’ve been intrigued by this game for, well, ages! It seems like a bit of a hybrid of Forbidden Siren and Ico in some ways… 😀

    I reckon Winter would’ve been a better time for releasing it seeing as that is a time of darkness and all. Plus the whole Nordic thing with the dark which I think is a major thing in their films and stuff.

    Oh, and WANT! 😀

  4. Darach avatar

    I think I’m interested in this more beacuse it’s by Remedy, than anything else.

    I thought some of their story-telling touches in the Max Payne games (particularly in-game) were way above the standard seen at the time. And featured a lived-in reality we didn’t see again until BioShock!

    I’ve got high hopes and crossed fingers for this one, but as always will just have to wait and see. 🙂

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