If it bleeds we can kill it: Alien Vs Predator Update!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the thought of getting my hands on certain games sends excitable shivers down my spine. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I like to get my teeth sunk in to any information I can get my hands on. As some of you may know, in 2006 Sega announced a new deal with Twentieth Century Fox to release a series of titles to expand on the fantastically popular yet horrifying Alien franchise. Sega have since announced two Alien titles for release during 2010, the first of which is set to be a first person shooter currently entitled Alien Vs Predator.

avpmarineNot bad for a human

Rebellion, the development team responsible for the similarly titled and popular FPS game ten years ago, are responsible for the new addition to the extraterrestrial themed gaming family. To whet our appetites during the countdown, Sega have released some exciting screen shots, a teaser trailer, and some interesting details as to what we can expect when the game hits shelves next year!

avpalienGame Over man! Game Over!

The title will offer gamers the chance to place themselves in the action as Colonial Marines, Aliens or Predators, all with individual single player campaigns within a corresponding bigger story arc. The plot gives impressions of being loosely based on a combination of the original motion pictures, having been set on a distant planet where troops of colonial miners unearth the remains of an ancient pyramid. The discovery awakens a long dormant force within the structure, and also alerts a distant civilization to the discovery, which dispatches a hunting party to ensure that the secret of the pyramid remains hidden.

avppredatorGet to the chopper now!

In terms of game play, each race will be equipped with individual skills, abilities and arrays of weaponry. Colonial Marines, having to face two intergalactic species, will be thrown into a fight to the death with lethal enemies, and carry an armoury fit to take on any extraterrestrial foe that may be lurking in the dark. Alien game play will allow players to spend quality time with their animalistic sides, with high speed, agility, and most of all an unquenchable thirst to inflict gruesome and horrifying deaths to anything that stands in its path. Predators, with their stealth and state of the art technology, will stalk their potential trophies with an impressive array of gadgets and weaponry to even make Arnie feel under prepared.

Along side solo campaigns, the game will also feature online multiplayer options with all species available for play, allowing gamers to pit themselves in 3 way head to head battles; sounds like a lot for your money if you can stand the scares! Alien Vs Predator will release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC early next year. I better start dusting off my cargo loader!








12 responses to “If it bleeds we can kill it: Alien Vs Predator Update!”

  1. John.B avatar

    Cargo loader?! Al you need is a machine gun duct taped to a flamethrower.

  2. Kat avatar

    I *think* I’d want to be an Alien. If I can inflict horrifying deaths then that’s my path ^_^

  3. Loz avatar

    I think I’m going to have to go Predator.. its the blades.. they’re just too cool!!

  4. Tony avatar

    Can the Predator do the in-game equivalent of flipping the board over in a huff, though? And by that I mean the way the bad loser nukes several acres after getting pwned.

  5. Punkduck avatar

    Gotta be a Marine… It’s all about being the underdog…

    Then again, sticking the ceilings and awaiting unsuspecting victims as an Alien was always fun in the original 😀

  6. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Only played the Aliens game on SNES and tried out an RTS on the original xbox. So, it will be good to hunt aliens again and take on the predators. So I guess I’m gonna try the marines first.

    If all else fails, take off and nuke them from orbit… it’s the only way to be sure.

  7. Laura avatar

    Reeeeeeally looking forward to the multiplayer of this!!! 😀

  8. Michael avatar

    I want the game now. I wanted it now when I first read about it too. Um, I wanted it now then. Yes.

    I don’t know which side I’ll choose…

  9. Martin avatar

    Here I am late for the party as always but that’s cause I mostly come out at night, mostly!
    I am dribbling with excitement at the prospect of this gam. I’ve been waiting for colonial marines for nearly 10 years now. I only hope that the screens pictured are in game screens and not renders, it looks awesome.
    We move, five metre spread.

  10. DunK avatar

    I WILL find a way to record the soundclip off the movies, so everytime I play as a Marines and see a teammate die, I can play it over my headset:


  11. Pix3l avatar

    I used to have awesome software that ripped audio from DVDs, Dunk. I used it to put all my stand up and music DVDs onto my mp3 player but then my computer broke and I had to get a new one 🙁 my point being there is something out there. I think :/

    Oh and this game looks amazing! Like Michael, I’ve been wanting this since it was announced

  12. ZeroMark avatar

    This looks great. I look forward to blasting you all in the face with my shoulder turret soon!

    Then again, I like to eat you with my lil mouth tooo! zoooop.

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