Lets face it ‘Germ Buster’ is a s*** name. If you saw it in a shop you wouldn’t buy it, if your friends were playing it you would laugh. So this leaves us lovers of Germ Buster with only one option: make up a better name.


Welcome to the world of ‘not cool’.

Upon finally bothering to pick up my copy of More Brain Training I discovered that I had one training session left to unlock. So I played a while and without much a to-do was offered the option of brain relaxation with a little Germ Buster. I wondered what this could be and tapped to play. Suddenly I found myself locked into a Tetris like daze trying desperately to get to harder and harder levels. I have been playing it for days, reinforcing the very reason why I avoid buying such games: they eat my life.

Although I found myself opening up the game at every opportunity I was ashamed when asked by others what I was playing. This wasn’t down to the addictive nature of the game, I just couldn’t muster the energy to joyously tell them that I was engrossed in Germ Buster. So I invented my own name and came up with the catchy and likable Pilltris. Or did I?


Pilltris vs Germ buster: are superior graphics enough?

A quick google later and I discover that Pilltris is not my own invention. It is in fact the real name for the game. I was pleased that great minds think alike and the inventor of original Pilltris and I are clear deeply kindred spirits, but I was also saddened that this game already existed with a totally acceptable name and here I was playing the s*** version.

Pilltris was first designed for the NES, so it is a Nintendo based game. Surely  Brain Training could have continued to use the good stuff? Maybe they just never asked, maybe they didn’t find themselves worthy, maybe I will never know and will just have to continue lying to people about what I am playing and maybe even try and make up a new and better name that doesn’t already exist! Maybe…







6 responses to “Pilltris”

  1. arc14716 avatar

    You’ll never believe this, but . . . .

    Pilltris was brought to the US . . . . as Dr. Mario! At least that’s how it looks like. The characters and pills are exactly like they were for Dr. Mario. It looks like they took the original game, switched out Dr. Mario for the Brain Training guy, and renamed it Germ Buster.

    You know, I checked the Pilltris website and it says that the game is modeled after Dr. Mario. Does that mean that Dr. Mario was first and then Pilltris followed soon after?

    You know, just stick with the Pilltris name when asked. It does sound a lot better than Germ Buster.

    That is, if you do bother to read this comment.

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I was thinking you could call it Matris, are you eliminating the red pill or the blue pill? (Then there’s a yellow pill too).

    And then I thought, you couldn’t tell people what you were playing when asked. After all, no one can be told what the Matris is, they have to experience it for themselves. 😀

    Maybe just stick with Pilltris then.

  3. arc14716 avatar

    I would have to agree. Plus Matris sounds a lot like mattress (at least to me).

    That’s two votes for Pilltris so far.

  4. Uzi avatar

    Maybe your future self traveled back in time and tipped-off the designer to call it Pilltris. Evil SkyNet then countered your plan by having it named Germ-Buster. It’s your move, Sarah.

  5. Jay avatar

    Um … it’s Dr Mario. Germ Buster is basically Dr Mario. ‘Pilltris’ seems to be some homemade PC remake.

  6. Eleanor avatar

    That is, if you do bother to read this comment.

    Hey, I read all the comments… sometimes I just don’t do it for a few weeks…

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