An Ode To Louis

Tuesday 21st April marks a special day for any fellow zombie-slaying fans. The Left 4 Dead Survival Pack is being released! In honour of this glorious, wonderful day I would like to publicly declare my true feelings for our favourite Left 4 Dead survivor.

An Ode To Louis

“Stay positive guys,
I’ve got a good feeling about this”.
An immortal line from A.I. Louis.
Dressed in dapper suit,
With wide innocent eyes,
But in your heart and your mind,
Madness lies.

“Come on, cheer up,
We’re almost through”.
But how can we be happy?
We’ve spawned with you!
You seem so nice but looks can deceive,
Cos you’ll screw up my game like you wouldn’t believe.

Louis - L4D
“Woah woah don’t shoot, it’s me!”
Oh I think you’ll find we disagree.
Whether pinned by Hunter,
Or Smoked up a tree,
Your lack of action’s a guarantee.

“Grabbin’ pills”.
Yeah I bet you are,
But what you’ll do with them is plain bizarre.
Give them to someone whose health is on red?
That’s lunacy Louis, top yours up instead.

“I got a bad feeling about this”.
You’re right, we agree, something is amiss…
As the sobbing reaches a feverish pitch,
Nooo A.I. Louis! There must be some glitch,
Cos you never fail to startle the Witch.

“Oh! Will you knock it off?”.
Don’t you tempt me with this Molotov!
And this allergy you have to the safe room door,
Makes fighting zombies with you such a chore.
Now’s NOT the time to run off and explore!
A.I. Louis, I can’t take much more.

“Hey man, that’s not cool”.
But are you really the biggest fool?
Despite the dysphoric rage you instill…
Your chronic lack of any skill…
And my strong desire to make a team kill…

Please, don’t get me started on Bill!

Bill - L4D







15 responses to “An Ode To Louis”

  1. van-fu avatar

    I’ll join in the celebrations and try my best to increase my skills in Left 4 Dead. Come Tuesday, I shall again present myself as a moving target for the sharpshooters in Team Girly. But soon, I shall be good enough to actually scratch both Libi and the KillerChick.

    I hope.

  2. Razgate avatar

    I wonder if anyone will quote M. Bison here. 😀

  3. van-fu avatar

    Oh and I suppose I should say, that this blog is hilarious. Almost makes me afraid to play the campaign on my own.

  4. Jake avatar

    This is awesome. After this, and Rook’s comment on my midnight hour poem I am no longer writing rhymes ever.

  5. Barry avatar

    Nice one Kat! 🙂

    Cant wait for Tuesday and the new DLC, new levels of hell for Team Girly to experience! >.<

  6. Laura avatar


    Louis broke my internets one time y’know, he does not like being possessed 😉

  7. Kat avatar

    He is eeeevil, a malevolent force ;D

    Van I would suggest you make sure you play as Louis in campaign but I’m not sure there’d be much of a difference… mwarhaha *runs off*

  8. Darach avatar

    *big grins* 😀 😀 😀

    Great stuff. But also truly poignant and timely, the people need to know what a terror AI Louis is…
    It’s not too late people, SAVE YOURSELVES!!


  9. ZeroMark avatar

    That was great Kat lmao.

  10. van-fu avatar


    *Tweet recalled*

  11. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Bill is the worst, but the people do need to know about Louis too.

  12. Loz avatar

    i cud rant forever on old *captain birdseye* bill… if theres an infected about.. you know who’ll get collered!

    awesome post ‘Girlie Libi!!

    zombie loveage ftw!!


  13. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    So will you be getting up nice and early,
    To download this and play with Team Girly,
    New Versus maps and modes to play,
    And we don’t even have to pay,
    Good blog too, it’s liked by the masses,
    (whispers) I think Jake wants us to give him rhyming classes.

  14. DunK avatar

    It’s taken me SO LONG to back track through all the ReadyUp posts I’ve missed recently…

    … for this, I am deeply sorry. But awesome stuff Kat! I think it may… possibly… yes, yes it is good enough for it:

    <3! x

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