Underachievement Unlocked

As much as I told myself not to, I feel my first post for Ready Up should justify my abominable gamerscore. I’m sure the majority of you have noticed its subtle appearance at the very dusty depths of the collective list, currently slouching at a paltry 1266. Am I ashamed? No, not really – but my pride is. You see, the thought process behind the drive to have a large numerical value after my (admittedly uninspiring) gamertag interests me. Perhaps I want the satisfaction of seeing my alias high up the list, or I could enjoy the idea of being a wildly notorious man-basher (when it comes to computer games anyway) or maybe, just maybe, I simply want to have the privilege of grinning smugly and gloating that I am so ‘hawt’ with my ‘1337 skillz’. Or maybe not.


I decided to ask a selection of high-scoring friends their opinion on achievements and exactly why they enjoy playing a level over and over, often going hours without sleep and risking backside-and-thumb related RSI just to add an extra 20 points on the end of an intangible number. One claimed that it was a “matter of pride and competition” while another explained that the sense of achievement behind unlocking the more tricky of challenges made him feel more complete. At this point I wondered if he were part of some sort of 10G-worshipping religion that promises eternal salvation and an impressive gamerscore in return for your immortal soul. Still, the sense of competition that nothing but an online leaderboard can provide is driving many people up the ladder of respect and power.  Except for me of course; my stepladder is nothing more than a Yellow Pages.

To further sate my curiosity I asked these men if they would rather date a woman with large appendages or large achievements, just to get an idea of how highly I should place my priorities. The umms and aahs surprisingly leant in favour of the latter; this revelation left me at a sulky stalemate because I have neither anyway. So it seems that if I want to obtain power and impress the opposite sex with a pheromone-producing score (much like the peacock woos with its colourful feathers) then I’d better get a move on and lock myself in a room for a few weeks with King Kong and his notoriously easy path to 1000G glory. Or I could do the right thing – what any honest desperado in their right mind would do – and get someone else to do the hard work for me. By the way thanks for that Jamie, I owe you one.








24 responses to “Underachievement Unlocked”

  1. Laura avatar

    Great first post Stacy! 🙂

    My score is quite low considering the amount of time I spend on my 360 but that’s just because I’m usually in multi-player or trying to beat Skill’s Hexic score 😛

  2. Kat avatar

    Hey Stacy, I’ll keep you company down the bottom of the table ;D

  3. Jay avatar

    Hmmm the spectrum is much broader than tiny gamerscore vs achievement whores. Just playing my 360 with mild regularity has given me a score of 20,000 ish. I never whore. Can’t see the point. My gf who hardly plays 360 has a score above 1,000.

  4. NorfolkNChance avatar

    Don’t go for the cheap ones like King Kong… otherwise True Achievements might alienate you 🙂

  5. Stacy Kidd avatar
    Stacy Kidd

    Sadly my gamerscore is already a social outcast as it contains…wait for it…Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball. Now I must hide my face in a paper bag for eternity.

  6. James avatar

    I also fall into the ‘underachievement’catagory. I’ve never been a completionist in the true sense of the term – I insist on beating the single player campaign of every game I play, but personally I’ve never felt the desire to spend days looking for arbitrary items or play for 100 hours just so I can get the ‘You played for 100 hours – your friends and family have declared you legally dead and are currently eating sandwiches at your wake: 5G’ achievement.

    Great post. 🙂

  7. Darach avatar

    Yay! Another brilliant newbie! 😀

    *big welcome hug*
    *sets off streamers and presents cake* 🙂

    But remember kids; it’s not the size of your gamerscore, it’s how much fun you had getting it.;)

    Oh, and Laura; leave my hexic score alone, you’ll only give yourself a sad trying to take on more than you can handle.
    *pats laura on the head in a really patronizing manner* 🙂

  8. arc14716 avatar

    Isn’t there an Avatar The Last Airbender game where you could get an easy 1000 Gamerpoints in less than five minutes?

    Just asking/suggesting.

    And welcome to the ohana/family.

  9. Chummp Change avatar
    Chummp Change

    1000 gamer points in 1 minute 40 seconds approximately:


    Happy Hunting

  10. Alex avatar

    Brilliant post! 😀 I really enjoyed this 🙂
    I hear ya, and don’t worry, I’m at the bottom too 😉
    Alex X

  11. Jamie avatar

    Your welcome Stacy. My university work has taken second priority until we get your gamerscore up to scratch 😛

  12. Ben avatar

    Welcome Stacy, great first blog 🙂

    @Laura Hexic? Everyone knows Peggle is the daddy now 😀

  13. Uzi avatar

    Achievement Score = Marketing Technique to get people to buy and play lots of really crappy games.

  14. Michael avatar

    Interesting that you say you asked high-scoring friends and then go on to say men… ;D

  15. Laura avatar

    @ Ben, You know KillerChick doesn’t Peggle!

    *Beats Darach down*

    Haha n00b! >:)

  16. Jake avatar

    Nice first post Stacy 🙂 *looks at his gamerscore* I, um, yeah I won’t say anything else *moves off slowly, whistling in that way that people whistle when they’re trying to be unnoticable (altho not whistling would help more)*

  17. Stacy Kidd avatar
    Stacy Kidd

    @michael Yes, I thought I would exploit the theory that having a decent score could make up for not having long blonde hair, long legs and other ‘page 3’ idealisms. You know, like the ‘guys with flashy cars’ saying…

  18. DunK avatar

    I take pride in getting achievements on games I enjoy. It’s nice to be able to show my dedication. 🙂

    I’ve never played a game for achievements though, I’m just proud of my 1,000 on Lego Indiana Jones. ;P

    Welcome to the site Stacy, great start!

  19. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Hello Stacy.

    I’ll just say it.. I’m an achievement whore. Love building up my gamerscore, but as Darach says, you gotta have fun getting it.

    Oh. and Welcome to Ready Up.

  20. Fran avatar

    Welcome Stacy! Also, Dead or Alive Extreme 2 is a great game! heh! And after playing it for months I don’t have a single achievement from it! 🙂

  21. Stacy Kidd avatar
    Stacy Kidd

    Thanks for the comments everyone 🙂 also YAY, another Extreme 2 fan! I am on a mission to collect Kasumi’s swimsuits. I am not a pervert. Well, mostly not.

  22. Razgate avatar

    WECLOME! 😀
    this site’s really beginning to cater to the lonely geeks, I’m a married man and I need more Martins on here to keep my head straight. LOL

  23. Tony avatar

    My roughly 14,000 Gamerscore sounds quite impressive. Except I just did a tally and I have 33 games, so excluding DLC and Arcade titles (and games I reviewed and passed on) I could potentially have 33,000 points.

    I like getting an Achievement (capitalised to emphasise the difference between an Achievement and an achievement) but I’ve very very rarely bothered to go after them actively.

  24. Lorna avatar

    Great first post…It’s amazing how quickly the score can creep up though even without trying. Just finding a agme you love and wringing every scrap of score out of it can pay dividends with the bonus that you love playing it so it’s not like hard work.

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