I’ve died and gone to Microsoft heaven!

As everyone knows I cannot live without my Xbox 360, to the extent that we have two in the house (one for me and one for my husband). However, with my husband’s 360 in critical condition with a failed graphics card we have been struggling to cope with just one. It’s been a mission but there’s been no divorce over playing time yet! With the price of fixing his 360 coming in at a whopping £80 we were left with a dilemma as to fix it or buy a third one, but all this has changed as my birthday looming…

Kudos to my Dad who, although not really understanding my gaming obsession, is very supportive towards all the game-related work I do. Whilst browsing games news sites I found a new 360 and my Dad decided it would make the perfect birthday present. But this is no ordinary 360, oh no, this is possibly the best deal Microsoft have ever produced. The number one thing that makes this great, and those who haven’t seen my collection will probably not understand, is the colour – red and black. This means it matches my handbag, and more importantly my limited edition DS, my new phone, my MP3 player and my laptop. Not that I’m going with a theme here! But also for the awesome price of £229.99 (unfortunately as a limited Game only console which means I have to betray my beloved Gamestation) you receive a 120GB hard drive, HDMI cable, matching controller and play and charge kit, a black headset, a copy of the well-awaited Resident Evil, exclusive Resident Evil themes, and a voucher for Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix on live arcade! Adding up the total of these items on Amazon.co.uk (who I would like to mention had discounts on virtually everything 360!) the package total should total a whopping £296.40 and would have been considerably more had they not been slashing prices! I’ll keep this blog short and leave you to drool over my soon-to-be favourite toy! I’m counting the days…and admit it, you know you want one!

You know you want one!







12 responses to “I’ve died and gone to Microsoft heaven!”

  1. Michael avatar

    Your Dad’s a legend! 😀 That is all.

  2. Kate avatar

    I know someone who has ordered this from a GameStation, so some are doing it. I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago. Don’t really care about RE5 – it’s all about the red!

  3.  avatar

    Don’t forget that Gamestation are owned by Game Ltd so I wouldn’t worry too much.

  4. GamerGeekGirl avatar

    Oooooh shiny 😮

  5. asamink avatar

    …and admit it, you know you want one! No thanks. It would stick out like a baboon’s arse next to the PS3.

  6. Tony avatar

    I’m not sure about the red. Still, I suppose it’ll go with the (eventual) RROD…

  7. asamink avatar

    Can’t get this monstrosity out of my head. It’s akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

  8. Zoey avatar

    Kate – looks like it’s just you and me in love with the red one. I knew you would have ordered one! Mine’s been dispatched and on it’s way now! yay!

  9. markB0SS avatar

    Im a big fan of red also, but im more a red and white combo guy then red and black. My laptop, wii and xbox 360 have red and white designs on them. I should post a photo some time.

    It is kinda cool when you can get all your tech together with matching colors.

    resi evil ftw!

  10. Michael avatar

    Oh, bugger… I never said but red is my favourite colour (aside from blue) and I’d absolutely get this if I was loaded.

  11. Dave G avatar
    Dave G

    See, I thought it looked cool at first, but once you start talking about matching it to handbags it just kills all the coolness. If I bought one now I’d just think “It looks like a handbag…”

  12. Loz avatar

    damn that is a sweet looking machine! plus resident evil and in red and black?!? *swoons*! lushness!

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