Tomb Raider: Beneath the Ashes DLC

Ahhhh good old Lara Croft…. I have been playing with Lara Croft since back in 1996 on my most reliable Saturn.  A woman that does what you tell her even if it means she will fall to her death and roll about like a rag doll. It is that level of loyalty that keeps on bringing people back for more. At least that as well as the great gameplay, storylines and graphics. I know she has had more extreme makeovers than a Kentucky fried porn star but she has always been pleasing on the eye and easy to handle.

I think that the general consensus is that the latest installment of Tomb Raider reaches back to its routes. I had gone off Tomb Raider because the game became more about platforming and less about puzzles. Now the puzzles are back it has rekindled my interest in the game and to keep that going. On Tuesday the 24th of February the first of two pieces of DLC became available, Tomb Raider: Beneath the Ashes.

This new adventure brings Lara back to the somewhat damaged Croft Manor where she will discover a huge array of undiscovered caverns. This subterranean area was used by Lara’s father to safeguard and hide a deadly source of power. In addition to these age old crypts, the DLC brings you six new costumes and 125Gs for our inner achievement junkie.

This DLC is available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace now but the extremely kind people at Eidos have not only given us one, but TWO codes so you can download the brand new content FREE of charge. If you answer the following question correctly you could be in with a chance of winning one of the unlock codes for the new content. Please don’t use Google to find the answer because I will know and you will be punished for it!

For your chance to win just email us here with the answer to the following question:
The crypts uncovered beneath Croft Manor were used by:

A) Lara’s Father
B) Jacqueline Natla
C) Winston Smith

Good luck from all of us at Ready-Up!







3 responses to “Tomb Raider: Beneath the Ashes DLC”

  1. Barry avatar

    Meh! Shame I dont own this anymore 🙁

  2. Mark avatar

    I can vouch for the absolute high quality of this DLC.

    I’ve played it three times now, such incredible level and puzzle design – kudos Crystal D!

  3. Darach avatar

    That is sooo cool.

    You know it’s days like this, that make it hard to be Ready-Up staff. ;P

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