Just over a month ago those are the very words I uttered to my boss. “I quit and here’s my two weeks’ notice” have got to be the most satisfying things to say to an employer when you’re not terribly happy with your job. I was scared as hell considering my contracted notice was 4 weeks, but there was nothing could be done and besides, I started my new job two weeks later.

So a not so fond farewell was said to the terrible commute and that horrible building.

Of course you’re now wondering why the hell I’m telling you this. While I am a freelance journalist, I don’t do it full time. As much as I’d love to, it’s just not an option. So, of course, I have a ‘day job’ to pay the bills. Now of course the ‘day job’ has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

You’re now looking at the new Customer Service Manager for an online game company. I don’t mean one of those online poker or bingo game sites. No, this is a proper MMO. I can’t share the name of the company as that’d give away the name of the game and I can’t share that either. Suffice to say it isn’t one of the big boys like Codemasters or Blizzard, but it is an established company.

You have no idea how excited I was to get this job. Sure it’s still customer support, but it’s finally in an industry that I enjoy. Finally I’m supporting something I like and is fun. Right now I’m commuting up to London to work with the game studio to get the CS department all set up, but then I’ll be permanently working from home.

So let me re-cap. Working in games supporting something I like. Working from home so I’m rid of the horrible commute. No more terrible office building built sometime in the dark ages when asbestos was thought to be okay. And the icing on the cake, I get to work in my pajamas.

You can start being jealous now.