Hotel Giant 2

Almost every establishment, service, building or organisation has a Sim, Theme, Tycoon or Giant game associated with it. But, when you’re done running a Prison, a Theme Park, a Lemonade Stand or a Michigan Iron Ore steam engine, perhaps you can turn your attention to Hotels.

Rising from the unappreciated manager of a local travel inn, to a high-rolling business man (or woman) turning billions of dollars a year in your fleet of lavishly decorated, holiday spots, Hotel Giant tasks you with earning big bucks from unprofitable hovels and empty prefabs.

Ultimately, Hotel Giant is an eternal balancing act, hoping to satisfy your guest’s nagging complaints while still turning a profit. Keeping customers happy isn’t so easy in the earlier inns; your guest rooms have to be so small to meet demand, but guests endlessly ask for junk in their rooms; TVs, desks, wardrobes, mini-bars, safes. One woman even requested a bidet; imagine making a complaint at your local Travelodge, ranting that they’ve neglected to install a fountain that you intend to spray up your jacksie.

It simply takes a while to understand the game’s minutia, its inherent set of rules and conventions that don’t necessarily make sense logically, but have to be obeyed to succeed. Sure, you can’t place books and magazines on a writing desk or a coffee table, but you have to make a compromise between your inner designer, and your inner entrepreneur.

Hotel Giant 2’s tutorials aren’t exactly accommodating and, despite asking for your prior experience with the Hotel Giant franchise, proceeds to bombard you with in-depth information, walls of text and confusing tasks. It also has a nasty habit of leaving you to fend for yourself, offering no extra help when you’re clearly confused and your hotel is losing 32 thousand dollars a month… hypothetically.

But you claw your way out of bankruptcy, offer movies on demand to customers in the double bed guest room and hire a second doorman, and the game really starts to connect. This isn’t some prebuilt, tutorial chalet that you’ve managed to tweak into profitability; this is your own five story hotel, complete with pianist in the lobby and a plasma telly in every bathroom. Plus the bidet that was so regularly requested.

Strategy and simulation games of all walks offer “micro-management”, the ability to alter tiny variables to keep you occupied in the lulls and rushed off your feet in the peak. Hotel Giant 2 definitely doesn’t disappoint; choosing the quality of body lotion in a given bathroom is about as micro as it gets. Every customer also has needs and complaints, entertainers can be replaced with higher quality musicians, items are tweaked, prices are raised and shops can offer sales.

Giant’s room building and decorating is reasonably satisfying; there’s little price and maintenance-cost discrepancy between items, so massive rooms can be created and filled with giant marble statues, high def plasmas, ornate furniture and humongous windows. The models are detailed and well textured, with reflective floors and relaxing lights, so the fruits of your labour are well represented.

Plus, each room you create is treated like a rubber stamp so they can be replicated with ease, and changes to one room will affect all in that template. Frustrations arise when resizing rooms and trying to reconstruct doors, but the time saved in stamping out 15 duplicate bedsits is worth the headaches.







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    I may end up checking this out, purely because I loved the whole hotel side to your base in Evil Genius, and I have a thing for Tycoon type games.. but not the sims. Never the Sims.

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    brought the 2 as already had the first hotel giant (have most the tycoon and yes all the sims too-well someone has to have more misrable days than me)ha. kinda skipped the tutorial tho so searching for how to hire entertainers! ha. google sent me here! 😀

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