So today is my birthday. Before you ask, yes I’m older than you and no I won’t tell you how old I am.

As I can never be sure what I’ll get in the way of presents for my birthday, I always make sure to get myself that one extra special thing that I super mega really really want. Now some of you may remember me writing about my little console family back in August. It feels like it’s been an eternity since I wrote that post, but it’s finally happened.

My family is complete.

Of course to compound the assualt on my bank account, there is a Zavvi going out of business right next door to work too. So within about 3 days of buying the PSP I have a mini library of games already accumulating. I tell ya, 25% off sales are evil!

I love my sleek shiny piece of wonderful Sony technology. I still love my DS, but this is a new piece of joy with new games to play. Speaking of which, no games can now escape my little gaming addiction. I can play all of them! All of them I tell you! All of them!