Pounding the Skins

With the new year upon us, many will have (as usual) made resolutions to exercise more or lose weight which they will (as usual) probably fail to keep.

For myself, I resolved some years back not to bother making any more New Year’s Resolutions. It’s about the only one I’ve ever managed to stick to.

However, as gamers, there are more tools than ever available to us should we want to attempt the feat of burning calories while never moving more than a few feet from the couch. But I’m not here today to talk to you about Wii Fit; others have said more about it than I ever want to. Today I am here to talk to you about something else. A subject close to my heart which is, I’m sure, also close to the hearts of many of you.

Today we will burn calories with the Power of Rock.

A little while ago Ready Up popped along to a Guitar Hero: World Tour event in London, where we were given our first showing of the new instruments along with the new game, and I got my first opportunity to have a go with the new drum controller.

One of the things I was told while we were there was that Clem Burke, the drummer from Blondie, had been taking part in a research project which measured him as having a heart rate of 140bpm and burning over 400 calories an hour while drumming. Because of these findings, the University of Gloucestershire aims to develop community outreach programmes targeting “overweight and disengaged youngsters” (see the project’s web site).

I fought the flab, but the flab won.

400 calories an hour and 140bpm. That, right there, is your actual cardiovascular workout. I wouldn’t expect to come anywhere close to that without being able to play on Expert difficulty, but it’s nevertheless good to know that one can work out while also rocking out, and not only do we not need to move far from the couch, we can actually burn calories while sitting down. That, surely, is a dream we can all believe in.







6 responses to “Pounding the Skins”

  1. Rob avatar

    I had a go with the drums on rock band recently. As i know a bit about drumming It was great fun and afterwards i could definatly feel the calories burning off :p.

    Not that i need to anyway becuasei am pretty scrawny but you ge the idea 🙂

  2. Lorna avatar

    Burning calories while sitting down is a dream to rival that of the old alchemists…maybe I shouldn’t shun the band type games just yet…

  3. Tony avatar

    I’ve become hooked on the drums. I loved Guitar Hero even before it had drums but now it has drums I always want to play on them.

    It’s such a fun game to play with a few friends.

  4.  avatar

    yeah im getting a little poddgey so maybe the rock band drums are what im looking for.

  5. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    I haven’t had a crack at the drums yet….but I want to so badly.

    In terms of loosing weight though I lost about a stone in just over a week once without even sitting up let alone standing…fair enough I had a Flu and it was a hellish week of nightmares about only being able to see infra-red like the predator and robots whispering numbers trying to inject me with poison as I lay paralyzed on a metal table before rolling over and discovering the edge of my bed was mount Olympus with Zeus shouting at me to find the strength to defeat my illness….but hey if I’d of actually needed to lose weight I would have called it even.

  6. Michael avatar

    Got to ask – going by the wide pan image or whatever, how easy is it to make out the screen from that distance Simes?

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