Why I wish the DSi was here now

This year, I’ve decided to set myself some resolutions. But it seems, alas, my New Year’s resolutions may leave me very little time for gaming.

Or do they? As the line between gaming console and educational tool becomes ever more blurred, the DS is releasing some really useful stuff. After a lot of Googling, I’ve managed to re-work my resolutions to include my portable console of preference.

For the curious, here are my New Year’s ’09 resolutions:

1. Learn a new language using my DS

The DS now boasts a wide catalogue of games for learning languages. “My French Coach”, “My Spanish Coach”, “My Japanese Coach” and “My Chinese Coach” published by Ubisoft in both Beginners and Intermediate cartridges won’t leave me short of choices. Or alternatively I could try “Mind Your Language” French, German, Japanese or Spanish; published by virgin PLAY due for release later in the year.

2. Write a diary every day, using my DS

Now, I’ve got a few options here again. There’s Imagine’s “My Secret World”, Konami’s “Diary Girl”, or Oxygen Game’s “My Secret Diary”. All a bit OTT girlish, but they do the job eh? Besides, what’s wrong with a bit of girly indulgence. I do, after all, have a bit of a thing for customising avatars…

3. Read at least one new book every month, using my DS (ahh I see a pattern forming!)

I can’t stress this enough, I am totally and completely in love with Touch! Generations’ “100 Classic Book Collection”. The quiz, the owl, the ease of use; I just can’t get enough of this game. I’m about 700-odd pages into Moby Dick at the moment and this is seriously one of my best ever purchases.

4. Brush up my cooking skills… using my DS (again?!)

Here I can choose from Touch! Generations’ “Cooking Guide” or Atari’s “What’s Cooking? Jamie Oliver”. I’ve got to admit I’m a sucker for Jamie so I know which I’ll be trying first!

5. Start doing Yoga again and learn Pilates… (you guessed it!) using my DS!

We’ve got Konami’s “Let’s Yoga” or Ubisoft’s “Personal Yoga Training”. Both look good, so I’m not sure which will be the out and out winner for me yet. I am, however, very excited for Konami’s “Let’s Pilates”.

6. Take more photographs…. Oh no, not using my DS!

Or can I…?

You see, the DSi has a lot of new features. It’s 12% thinner than the DS Lite, the screen is 8% bigger, there is an integrated audio player, an SD-card slot and… a camera! Sure, it’s only 0.3 mega-pixels; but it seems to do the job and has all the cute functions that the Gameboy Camera had. It’s due in Europe around Spring this year, and with my (now almost 3 year old) DS lite starting to get a little bit hard of sensitivity it can’t come too soon.

Blimey, I’ve got a lot to save for this year!

Donations to my self improvement fund anyone?

(Just kidding!)







16 responses to “Why I wish the DSi was here now”

  1. John.B avatar

    The camera on the DSi is absolutely pathetic, would it REALLY have upped the cost that much to even put a 3-4 mp camera in there?

  2. Donna avatar

    Isn’t it meant to have a built in web browser also?

  3. Tony avatar

    I was going to make a comment on the camera, 0.3mp?

    Utterly hopeless. My iPhone has a crap 2mp camera with no autofocus and flash that takes crap pictures.

    With a DSi you’ll be able to take equally as crap pictures.. that are much much smaller.

  4. Darach avatar

    Oooh. I want at least three of those.

    But will I photograph myself while cooking dinner and balancing on one elbow, or will I take notes while I read victor Hugo in the original French?!

    Decisions, decisions. :/

  5. Paul avatar

    I’ve never been big on the DS, not sure why really.

    My new Years resolution is to go Retro, you can’t beat a bit of SEGA action


  6. Michael avatar

    I really like the idea of having all those books in a collection like that but there’s a bit of me that’s going “No, you idiot! It should be in proper pages!” And the language one is appealing only I wonder if I’ll end up constantly thinking in whatever language(s) I study mixed in with English (naturally)… it’s bad enough with the odd flash of German and French as it is!

    I’d make a terrible salesman, I think.

  7. Ben avatar

    The learning languages one is very appealing for me, has anyone used them before?

    I set myself a language resolution every year, always break it, but with the help of gaming I could end up actually doing it.

  8. Alex avatar

    Donna, I’ve not seen about the web browser, but I’m only about halfway through the web conference on it!
    Darach, I think photographing yourself whilst cooking dinner on one elbow would be the most impressive. Especially seen as the camera is like the gameboy camera, so you could add all kinds of crazy stuff in! 😉
    I do wish the camera was that little bit better, but I’m guessing they want to keep the price as low as they can. To be honest, I’m just really happy about it being a little slimmer and lighter. I’m such a yuppie.
    Michael, I felt the same as you do about the 100 classic book collection, I didn’t see how it would translate well to a screen at all (I can’t read long blocks of text on my pc screen, after all.) but it actually works really nicely! I’m seriously impressed, and the frequency of page turns doesn’t feel unnatural at all. Give it a go, you’ll love it!
    Ben, I’ve not used the languages one yet. But I plan to pick it up pretty soon. I’ll write up a review of it once I’ve played around with it a bit 🙂 I’m going to go for My French Coach, but I hear they’re all equally good.

  9. Ben avatar

    Ah good stuff, I’d be torn between French and Spanish anyhow, although I think as the bloke from the Matrix points out, French is so much better to swear in, so will probably go for that.

  10. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Don’t forget you can also just exercise the grey matter with all the puzzles in Professor Layton. I got bored with brain training but do like the sudoku puzzles in there.

    Took me a long time before I bought the DS Lite. I had the original DS, so might take a while before I get a DSi.

  11. arc14716 avatar

    That 100 Classic Book Collection thing looks interesting. Is it available outside of the UK? I checked Gamestop’s website and don’t see it listed.

    I have Personal Cooking Trainer, but haven’t tried it out while cooking. One of these days, I’ll give it a whirl.

  12. Alex avatar

    Ben, I’d forgotten all about that quote! That just makes me want to learn it more now 😉 I’m gonna try and pick it up this weekend. I’ve got a £15 credit note for Gamestation that’s totally burning a hole.
    The Rook, I’ve not played any of Professor Layton AT ALL. I’ve heard to many shining recommendations of it, I may have to add it to my list! 😀
    Arc, I’m not sure if it is… It’d be a real shame if it wasn’t! 🙁 However, I do believe the DS is multi-region, so if the shipping isn’t too bad I’d grab it from amazon or something. It really is grand!

  13. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    Good going on the self improvement drive I set my self a similar goal of self improvement involving Vodka but all it’s seemed to do is make me a tad less concerned about all those character defects…Seriously though cheers for the recommendation I caught a glimpse of the 100 Books for DS thing on Play.com the other day and have been toying with the idea ever since and I really should read more if only to balance out the brain rot from an hours worth of a show called “Manswers” the other night

  14. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    @Alex – Get Professor Layton, I’ve nearly finished it and I already want the sequel. Don’t know if there’s still problems getting it, I was lucky to find a copy before chrimbo.

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