And the battle begins! Are you ready?

Announcement: It’s 2009, we can now officially start getting excited about the console release of Street Fighter IV.

It might sound a bit odd but despite having plenty of opportunities to have a quick shot on Street Fighter IV I still haven’t played it, not even once. The reasons are, let’s say, two-fold. Firstly I always end up super busy at events, or in the case of the second day at Battle of Destiny, too hungover to get up early enough.

The second reason is more plausible, despite being a huge fan of everything Street Fighter I’ve never managed to develop any truly ‘mad skills’. Sure I can beat my mates if we crack open 3rd Strike near the end of a party, I can hold my own on Live in sessions of HD remix but places where Street Fighter IV has been available to me have always been attended by ‘The Elite’. Not to mention the ever competitive Leo Tan from Capcom, despite only ever having played a few rounds of 3rd Strike against him I consider him my nemesis. So my second reason is good old performance anxiety, I want to learn to play Street Fighter IV. I have no delusions here I don’t expect to become a master, I just want to be able to hold my own. I want to understand the new game mechanics, I want to pick a fighter and practice, I want to learn how to Focus Attack & Dash Cancel.

So to get myself started I have decided I need a few things…

Collectors Edition MatCatz FightPad Awesome New Stick
  Some Time Off Work!  

I better start saving up my pocket money! Roll on the 20th of February.







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  1. van-fu avatar

    Dan. I think I love you. In a strictly “you have answered a burning question of mine” way. I haven’t seen that MatCatz FightPad, but it seems to be what I need. A D-Pad that at first glance seems to be near-perfect. Not quite SNES-quality, more SEGA Mega Drive, but I can cope. Even a Mega Drive shape, but I can cope. The almost mythical six-button arrangement, which you never find on pads. And it is a 360 pad.

    I’ll do a google search for it, but if you read this before I find it, you have to share the knowledge. Where can I buy this. And since you are a Glas Vegas resident as well, where in Glas Vegas can I buy this. I need this.

    Please, please answer.

    And if I get this, I challenge you, Skill/Darach/Joker/ MY nemesis. You know when you have been Banjo-d, indeed!

  2. lordstar avatar

    i really want that stick (the high end one) for the 360 but I just dont see it coming to the EU. I see it avaliable in the US but nothing in the UK so far. any news on that?

  3. van-fu avatar

    Look on the link above your post, Lordstar. You will be able to buy the stick from them. That’s gameshark’s UK portal.

  4. Dave avatar

    Can’t wait, getting the stick too cause the 360 d-pad simply wasn’t meant for Street Fighter’s quarter rolls and such.

  5. Lordstar avatar

    Thankyou for the heads up van-fu will be sure to keep an eye on that one.

    my purchace is all driven by price now. I think 75 is the most i would be willing to pay for a high grade stick. Im pretty hardcore when it comes to 2D fighters SF more so but ive owned cabinets in the past and own a lot of arcade PCBs and i would rather spend a sizable ammount on a cabinet than a stick which may or may not be able to use on the next XBOX.

    worst case senario I ask a friend of mine to build a monster to my snooty standards lol

  6. Lorna avatar

    Damn it Dan! *must resist another special edition…*

    Thing is, I’m utter shite at beat-em-ups 🙁

  7.  avatar

    i can’t wait!! Street fighter 2 HD Remix and now this bring it on ! 😛

  8. DUFFMAN2K9 avatar

    will be very good.

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