It lives… it lives!!!

I had spent quite some time on my 360 in the months of September and October but as the nights got colder and more shops started to insist on playing Cliff Richard over the in store music system, I find myself nudging back to my PC.

The change came as a result of me upgrading my outdated graphics to something a little better, a GeForce 8600GT as it happens. Sure it’s not the greatest card on the planet but at a measly £30 I couldn’t resist.

My PC is my own build, I selected the parts individually and built it up, my little electronic child if you will. Sure it’s getting on a bit, but the new graphics card is like a replacement hip, it keeps it on its legs for that little bit longer. Next summer I plan on retiring my current rig into second in command which just means it will be my home media server, ensuring all my photos, movies and music have a safe place to live.

There’s a certain feeling you get when building your own gaming PC, maybe it’s like success, but I like to think of it as that certain bit of satisfaction you got when you put the last block in place on your Robin Hood Lego set as a child, you spend hours planning it, more so afterwards making sure it’s all shipshape and correct and then you bask in the glory of victory.

While I won’t be one to take anything away from a console – I’ve had many enjoyable moments on them – it’s just not the same as playing on your own build, just… not the same feeling.







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  1. John avatar

    I gave up PC gaming when the graphics card I needed was more than the Xbox 360. There’ just no cost-justification for me I’m afraid. A PC for gaming is like an Audi S5 for shopping, perfectly possible just a very expensive solution.

  2. City avatar

    i totally understand!
    I love my little beast of a PC, and although i didnt build her right off the bat, she’s due for upgrades soon (well shes not, but I want too)… cant wait!
    And I agree, as much as i love consoles, my pc.. shes just special!

  3. Barry avatar

    for £30 each you should have bought 2! That would have lasted you for quite awhile 🙂

    Im still using dual 6600GT’s

  4. Ben avatar

    I would have Barry but my motherboard only has one PCI-e slot, sadly.

    My next PC shall have the dual slots so I can SLi or Crossfire etc, no doubt about that!

  5. Laura avatar

    I’ve had my graphics card for AGES I mean like 3 years and it’s still surprisingly pretty good. It’s a Radeon something see it’s been so long I can’t even remember.
    As long as it’ll play Half-Life 2 I’m happy 🙂

  6. Uzi avatar

    Yeah, I know what it is like to upgrade cards in order to keep a system game-worthy for that much longer. I’ve only built a system in a PC repair course. Don’t trust myself to get it right. lol

  7. Nick avatar

    Ah I have a 8600!

    Now if I only played PC games that weren’t Audiosurf :p

    Seriosuly though. It’s great having a decent graphics card since you never know what games are around the corner!!

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