All the buzz this month has been about all of the console games coming out. Besides the consoles there have been 3 expansions for MMOs coming out this month also. Everquest 2 released The Shadow Odyssey, Lord of the Rings Online release The Mines of Moria and World of Warcraft released The Lich King.  Luckily I only play two of these MMOs and I had to buy two copies of The Mines of Moria because my hubby plays it also.

So while I’ve had to make the hard choice of which games to buy for the consoles, I’ve also had to take into account the expansions. EQ2 and LotRO expansions had to be purchased, that was a no brainer. Though because of that I haven’t bought Dead Space or Left 4 Dead yet.

I get a little annoyed with having to buy 2 copies of an expansion just so me and hubby can play, but that’s a rant for another day. MMOs eat my money as much as the console games do so I have too many choices and just not enough money.

Oh woe is me. So many games and so little time.