All Star Cheerleader (Juniors)

All Star Cheerleader allows players to participate in the competitive sport of Cheer, combining traditional cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and squad based teamwork. Players create their own avatar, learn cheer and dance moves, compete against individual team members and ultimately compete against other squads. The player’s goal is to become captain of his or her squad and eventually lead the squad to win all of the competitions in the single player campaign.

Name: Lesha

Age: 9

Did you enjoy playing All Star Cheerleader? 

Lesha: Yes I enjoyed it! I enjoyed it because I like cheerleading and would like to learn.

Did you dislike anything about this game?

Lesha: I enjoyed it but it was sometimes too tricky for me.        
Did you have a favourite character?

Lesha: Yes, my favourite character was me, I named her Lesha. The Characters are pretty and I like their clothes.

What was the best bit about the game?

Lesha: Learning new cheerleading moves. 

What was the worst bit about the game?

Lesha: Nothing I can think of.

How much fun was this game?

Lesha: Not much fun to play on your own. But with someone else it is brilliant fun.
Parent’s comments: The game looked really fun and energetic, like an upside down dance mat!  I think it would be a hit with little girls who are interested in cheerleading.







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