Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

It use to be Japan’s exclusive back in 2005 until now, finally Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 arrives in Europe for 2008. Third in line of the Ultimate Ninja series, fans can play more of Naruto and other favourite shinobi’s in training. The game is set to for us to enjoy the last years of the genin’s youth before Shippudden hits the scene.

Now this time around they’ve brought us a few new bigger and better features in combat. We’ve got powers to summoning that big bad ass smoking toad, Gama Bunta or unleash the Kyuubi within Naruto. Maybe we’ll go for broke and mix up a combination jutsu with the giant toad and the nine tailed fox. The game is pure fan service and there’s a large catalogue of jutsu’s and specials to play around with. You can now customize your fighters and change which jutsu’s and ultimate attacks you want to use. The shame is that some ninjas have more and some have less special moves to play with. Regardless of the limit though it’s still satisfying seeing all of our genins, jounins, hokage and villains all in one. Asides from a little change to the ultimate moves the combat controls are pretty much the same. Simplicity is the key, attack, jump, special and item use. Can get fast and furious, for newbies it may take time to catch up with the speed of the battle and getting to know timing. It’s either being on the offense or timing in your substitution manouveures. The fighting is not in-depth but it’s well accompanied with special move sequences.

The main game element is the single player mode, Ultimate Contest which tells the story of Hokage Tsunade throwing up a festival in Konoha upon arrival of ninjas from the Sand village. Seperated in three stages though to be honest it’s just basically endless rounds of conditional fights and mini games. All wrapped behind scripts to make excuses for it happening. It can get quite tiresome and boring and the only lead it’s got is that everybody in the village are carrying crystals. Everybody is battling to collect each others crystals and the one who has the most gets to lay a new regulation rule for the Hidden Leaf Village. Obviously our ramen-obsessed protagonist, Naruto wants to become Hokage. Sakura continues to praise her love interest in Sasuke, Kiba alongside his best friend Akamaru wants to raise more care and awareness for canines in the village, the best of them all has got to be Rock Lee’s determination to get everyone growing bushy eyebrows!

There’s also the same old D to S rank missions to keep those who love 100% completion busy. Quite tasking and only when you finish Ultimate Contest you’ll get to the shorter, sweeter part of the game, Hero’s history. Though it’s just playing different time periods that happen in the Naruto story, this is what’s going to touch the fans the most. Reliving those glorious moments from the anime/manga. All leading up to the main closing event of Naruto’s first season, I got pretty emotional when it got to the fight between Kyuubi Naruto and the curse marked Sasuke!

The sketchy graphics do a great job keeping the fast action, animated feel. The Ultimate Ninja series never lets down on the visuals, characters and backgrounds are fantastic. The Ultimate Ninja series has something to be proud of and that is it’s authenticity with voice-over acting and sound work. You’ll absorb into the game atmosphere quite easily as you would when watching an episode of the anime.

Looking at this from the fact that I’m hopping back on the levels of Playstation 2, it’s come a long way since Ultimate Ninja 1 and I think the third installment of the series has rounded off great. Here’s a toast to our fun-loving, enthusiastic genins before they grow older.







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  1. Nick avatar

    Looks great. I have this companie’s PS3 installment Naruto Ninja Storm. It’s a great series and I really enjoy it’s looks. I think we have been very lucky to have some great Naruto games. Bleach isn’t so lucky…….

  2. JWong avatar

    never like these types of games and never will spend my time to play these games because it dont seem like a fighting game too me. Its a good honest review and I prefer reading the manga or watching the anime

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