Heavyweight Mover

Apparently I have a lot of baggage.  No metaphor, just a literal fact that has been rather bluntly pointed out.  Due to a variety of stressful circumstances, other-half and myself have moved home.  Wonderful, but not when you consider that the most stressful treasure of all has been reserved for the middle game – not the packing so much, anyone and everyone has problems with that.  No, I’m talking about the personal baggage and the weight of accusations that they carry.  Or in other words…’I have a lot of crap’.  This is true.  Harsh, but indubitably true.

People with regular hobbies, such as knitting willy-warmers or doodling witty satirical cartoons can simply pack up their wafer thin bags of bits and away they go.  I, on the other hand, am a gamer.  I have been one since I could bash my little fingers over my father’s rubber keyed Spectrum.  I’m now on my ‘second 29’ (shush), so over the years, I have gathered a lot of stuff.  This generation of consoles aside (not counting the Wii, because sorry, it just isn’t) and a PC, I’ve got boxed computers including a beloved Amiga, consoles spanning every generation since the Snes, handhelds including my faithful brick original Game Boy and the list goes on.  (I never did get given Dad’s Sam Coupe though and I’m still a touch bitter.) Mustn’t forget the stacks of requisite games that go with them.  They weigh more and take up more space than all the computers, consoles, and handhelds put together.  Old games, favourite games, games that are no longer compatible with my vamped up PC but which I have never chucked, games for console we no longer own (Xbox), games that were a bargain, never played games, collector’s editions, limited editions, fancy game box sets (in all their lush monstrous boxyness).

Then come the magazines.  Every issue of Super Play ever published, rashly bought one afternoon after a ‘foam at the mouth’ eBay moment; GamesTMs, Edges with covers too nice to throw out or too much content to tug out, 360s, and pages ripped from grudgingly thrown out magazines waiting in forlorn piles to be organised into bright folders.  Add to this various guides, maps, collector’s books, manuals for floating  jewel case games and a couple of Spectrum programming books and it gets even more alarming.  Deep breath.  We’re already talking some serious space here, not to mention weight.  Oh, did I mention the gaming  tat?  My plush Tom Nook, the box of tiny Pikmin figures and gubbins, or the three Final Fantasy limited edition DS Lites?  I’m not even going to count the reams of handwritten notes that I’ve made for text adventures or painstakingly drawn maps which add to the box-files of stuff collected from years of magazines like Crash, Your Sinclair, and Amiga Power.

As the other-half looked round my old office and shook his head in wonder, I had to take a deep breath and consider the burden my hobby forces upon me.  It isn’t just the things you consider, but everything that you don’t.  My gaming Pyramat for instance, begat cables, begat overloaded plug sockets, begat more devoured home space.  Ah yes, cables.  I think I possess more cabling than intestines which if you remember your childhood medical trivia, is a lot.  They take up space, weigh a ton when bundled together and take an obscene age to unplug, coil, and pack.  Then you have the joy at the other end of rigging everything up again when half of them have inexplicably decided to go missing from a sealed box or twine suggestively around one another in hair-tearing knots.

It would be fair to say the volume and weight of my crap has caused a little tension (not least in my lower back from moving it all).  It is alright for the other half though…he is happy to simply pack up his drum kit and some spare underwear and that’s him.  I can’t help having a hobby that has vomited itself over all the available space.  It has eaten away at our home until it even affected the way I was viewing new places.  I would look around, tutting repeatedly and muttering to myself, harrumphing about never fitting my games in there or where was this or that going to go and that’s not so good.  It certainly places demands on us from the practicalities of storing/displaying everything and of moving it all, let alone entangling yourself in reams of cabling, wrestling with 6 gang chained extensions to set it all up. 


So yes, I have a lot of crap, but do you know what?  It looks fucking good and it may not rival others’ collections but I don’t care.  Other-half has music and DVDs to rival Blockbuster, but this…this is mine.  I could get a new hobby, (not reading…my hundreds of books are the second globe on this Atlas’s shoulders and further fuel for debate) but I don’t want to.  All in, it’s worth it – I’ve made my hobby choices, pulled up a clump of the gaming world and parked myself  firmly and I’m in it for the long haul.  It would just be too much of a headache to get rid of it all anyway and as much as he is an enterprising capitalist, Tom Nook would never forgive me.

Tom Nook, taskmaster and party animal.






4 responses to “Heavyweight Mover”

  1. arc14716 avatar

    Wow that’s a lot of swag.

    I’ve never seen the Tom Nook plush or the limited edition Final Fantasy Nintendo DS out here in Hawaii. Guess those were made for the Asian/European markets.

    I have an Atari 2600 and at least a few dozen games for it. I also own a Commodore Vic 20 (with its original box) and almost a dozen cartridges and tape games for it. Also, a NES, Super NES, and an N64 and assorted games for the respective consoles. And Game Cube games. And an original XBox and several games for it.

    Also, I have a pile of gaming magazines and strategy guides dating all the way back to the Atari 2600 era.

    Wow, I do have a lot of stuff.

  2. Lorna avatar

    😀 The GTA box safe thing was too heavy for the glass shelves so it is at the bottom along with some other bits and a few dvd sets. I still don’t have space to have the Spectrum or Oric or anything like that set up, but finally have all the consoles out.

    I imported the DS limited Eds from PlayAsia.com and YesAsia and that’s also where I ordered the Tom Nook from 🙂 He let me have his wine, he couldn’t finish it 😀

  3. City avatar

    I know how you feel, i moved rooms in my house from the smallest to the biggest and now I have no room left and I have started using the small one as storage. Not only that but we will be emergrating to Canada in the not too distant future so I will have to pack it allllll and then trust that it will be shipped safely.

    I do love all your swag though, very impressive indeed =) (and the nicely lit shelves)

  4. Michael avatar

    It’s like some bizarre museum display…

    What do people do with their magazines, games or otherwise? I have a stack of them (not literally a stack, you understand; it’s so much worse than that!) and have occasionally asked myself that question. So?

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