Hook, Line and Sinker

Being a true First-Person Shooter gamer at heart it’s hard to think of myself playing a game where I’m not running around with a machine gun pumping bullets into anything that moves. Just when I thought I’d hung my mouse up for good, along come Electronic Arts and Mythic and hosted a launch event at my workplace for the game Warhammer: Online, a type of game I promised myself I would never even touch knowing the risks that come with playing an MMORPG. One of my friends spent at least 18 hours a day, every day on the very similar World of Warcraft at one point, crazy!

WarhammerThe Day of Reckoning.

The event attracted many eager role-playing fans and with three hours of free gaming and a chance to win one of our Dell XPS Gaming PC’s I didn’t blame them! Other giveaways included posters and sixty day pre-paid game cards so most participants didn’t go away empty handed. I think I was a bit naïve in thinking I could get through the event without getting addicted myself, but before the first day even ended the damage was already done – I was completely and utterly hooked. I was thoroughly enjoying Metal Gear Solid 4 at the time but now that has taken a back seat while I struggle to find the time to play Warhammer. Not really a problem as the best thing about it is the way it can be played at your own pace, there is always constant action in regards to Realm vs. Realm on a highly populated server such as the one I happened to pick.

To infinity, and beyond!

One thing is for sure though, with a couple pre-paid game cards not needed by my colleagues in my possession, other games will have a hard time fitting into my schedule anytime soon.







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  1. Nick avatar

    I’m very happy to hear your enjoying the game! I often have a good session playing as a Dwarf Engineer or Warrior Priest!

    This game will only get better!

  2. Lorna avatar

    It’s the very reason I have never let myself near one of those things…it will suck away the time I do have left until I’m but a husk 😀

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