Fallout 3

Fallout 3, set in the year 2277 in post-apocalyptic wastelands of Washington D.C. The lands are riddled with radiation, roaming raiders, abnormal mutants, ghouls and military robots. You have existed in a Vault-tec facility known as Vault 101 for the past 19 years blissfully unaware of the dangers of Capital Wasteland. One day your father decides to escape from Vault 101 in pursuit of long forgotten project and you decide to track him down.

Bethesda Softworks have used the same game engine as they did in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion which guarantees excellent looking landscapes and animations. While you wonder through the wastelands you will find yourself wasting loads of time just taking in the scenery and watching how the NPCs interact with you and the environment. The artists have tried to stay as loyal as possible to the original games style while making sure that they can keep the feel of Washington D.C. post nuclear explosion.

The sound and music in the game helps by drawing you in and creating tension. The most striking part of the game is the music. Even though you’re roving through ruins of famous landmarks, underground railway lines and fighting a multitude of creatures you can still listen to the radio. The music has a very cocktail jazz lounge feel to it with the main theme being ironically called ‘I Don’t Want to set the World on Fire’. It helps to add a slightly comical feel to a very serious situation.

During the fighting Bethesda had to remember that essentially Fallout 3 is an RPG and not a first person shooter. As any character in an RPG progresses they become more powerful and as time goes on they will face greater challenges in combat. Not wanting people to be hindered by a possible lack of first person shooter skills Bethesda introduced the Vault-tec Assisted Targetting System (VATS). Essentially this allows the player to pause the game, choose a body part or weapon to strike, assign a number of shots to fire based on action points available then let loose. From this you will see some excellent shooting footage with very over the top and gruesome results.







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