The Future of LEGO

LEGO has served us well over the last few years with Star Wars, Indiana Jones and now Batman. Both my son and I have played all of them to death and really enjoyed them. I like them because they are reasonably entertaining and my son loved playing all the different characters, including those stupid ones that don’t jump high or carry weapons.

I know a lot of people don’t think that the games released after Star Wars have lived up to the mark. Personally I think that LEGO Batman takes the series to another level. It seemed to have slightly more complex puzzles and the game as a whole was more challenging than previous iterations. An excellent addition to the game were the suits that you could dress Batman and Robin/Nightwing in, allowing them to perform new tasks. The characters felt more powerful with the cartoon-esque punch and ‘fly through the air’ animations. The only thing missing was the ‘KAPOW’ and ‘ZZONK’ graphics during fight scenes.

Of course there is the million dollar question, where will Traveller’s Tales go next in the LEGO series? Apparently LEGO has infinite possibilities so the next one could be anyone’s guess. Personally I would love to see LEGO Justice League and I have heard other people talking about LEGO Spiderman. There’s the whole Marvel Universe and 2000 A.D. collection to build on. What about LEGO The Village People?

Now that Warner Brothers Interactive own Travellers Tales there are plenty of characters and story lines to pull on, so hopefully the future will be strong for LEGO games if it continues. TT Games are apparently taking a well deserved break from this series for now but reckon they will return in the future. For me, hopefully that’s the case.

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On another note, the LEGO company are developing an MMO called LEGO Universe, where the players will be able to customise their own characters, explore, quest and of course socialise. More details will be available in 2009. Another WOW killer in my opinion.







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  1. chobe avatar

    Lord Of The Rings. Could see them going for that.

  2. City avatar

    I have been looking forward to lego universe since I heard about it in January and I have been following it since =)

    Its going to be a monthly subscription thingy, with added parent controls etc

    Hopefully this will be the thing to kill WoW =)

    Barry – Leg007 would be sodding amazing!

  3. Michael avatar

    Lego Tron – it makes much sense. Doesn’t it?

  4. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    As far as I’ve heard on the rumor mill the the next Lego game were likely to see will possibly be Lego Harry Potter this does seem quite feasible as Harry Potter Lego is available already there are movies to base the chapters on for possibly even 2 games already…there are tons of characters which could be translated into lego folk with differing abilities….Just sucks a little that I’m not really into Harry Potter really.

    There is also Spiderman Lego so maybe we’d see that at some point….if we were picking what we’d like to see though I think I go with Lego X-men…now that would be AWESOME

  5. Lorna avatar

    Lego Harry Potter makes the most sense, since the films are in the closing chapters of the story now – they will need to capitalise on it before they loose the high public interest.

    I think Andy is right – Lego X-Men would be fab! Bond would also work pretty well I think.

  6. joe avatar

    make lego army

  7. Reece O'Neill avatar
    Reece O’Neill

    Well, since halo reach is coming out later this year i think it would be time
    for lego halo but it would have all the games missions like halo1, 2 and 3.
    if lego halo were to come out i would sell it to the puplic after halo reach comes out.
    i also think lego dr.who with the elevnth doctor.

  8. halo avatar

    lego halo i wed buy it Ivan if it was 1000$ I LOVE HALO

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