Viva Addiction!

The first time around Viva Pinata was a big success, but there was no DS version. This time there is and it’s got my attention. I must admit to not playing the original very much. It was just a bit too hectic for me. I thought this time I’d give it a go on the DS since I thought it might be a better platform for it. Of course now I can’t put it down. There have been a few incidents where I’ve nearly missed my train stop because I was so engrossed in my garden.

Sometimes when the console games are put onto the handhelds they aren’t very good efforts. Spore and Assassin’s Creed for the DS are 2 games I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on. Then I go out on a limb and get Viva Pinata and I’m rewarded with a wonderful game that stands on its own two feet. I’ve not played the new Xbox version, so I can’t compare to that, but compared to other ports this is a little piece of heaven. The only other game series that has been ported to the handhelds that causes this kind of glee in me is the Lego series.

So now I’m firmly addicted to building up my garden and raising my pinatas. Right now I’m nearly a level 6 gardener and it’s been a struggle to get this far. I know there’s still a lot of gameplay left in this game, so things may get a bit intense in the garden.







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  1. City avatar

    I got very excited about the first VP but then I just couldnt get into it, there were no real goals and I just cant play games like that with 100’s of objectives and no real gain at the end of it all.. sigh..

    Glad someone does like it though, I think tis an awesome idea!

  2. Donna avatar

    On the console I couldn’t get into it. It was just too hectic. But it is perfectly suited for the DS. It’s great for my commute too. Well except when I nearly miss my train stop.

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