There’s always time for gaming

Since last month I’ve been pretty quiet in the gaming scene. Let alone I work for Ready Up and have my own job to support myself. I’ve now also added my first year of university into the equation! So yes, I’ve been a rather busy girl lately. I guess it’s about time I got round to answering the popular question, “Where have you been, Shaz?”

Settling in to a new weekly routine and training for a degree in journalism, a few of our professional writers at Ready Up can vouch that I’ve put myself in for a challenge. Plenty of late nights and early mornings whether it’d be study, work or socialising. I too had become aware of my lack of gaming. However, this can never be the case when you’re Shaz. The girl who grew up with the gaming time line from the ancient Master System, SNES, Sega, Gameboy, Amstrad to the next gen consoles we have today.

I may not have been popping up in your notifications on the 360 for a while. I may not have replied to my Wii messages as soon as expected. Believe me though, even in the transition of my busy life I’ve still managed to squeeze in a few small inklings of virtual entertainment. You ask, “Where?” I reply, “Facebook Tetris”.

Gaming with convenience, this is one of the million applications I’ve added to my public profile. These days it’s pretty handy to just access a quick game or two after hours of work with my laptop. What’s more is that I can keep in touch with friends socially as well as keep the competitive gaming going. “Ichiban Number One!”

Well now I’ve eased your worries, I’m sure you can happily game on knowing that Shaz a.k.a TinyShaz will return one day to kick your bums on Xbox Live! Bwah ha ha ha!







4 responses to “There’s always time for gaming”

  1. Michael avatar

    Ichiban… for men!

    *evil laugh* Your lack of gaming time means I stand a chance of beating you at something! Probably.

  2. Dave avatar

    Finding time for anything during uni becomes a luxury, but is so, so worth it 🙂 Good luck with your studies Shaz!

  3. theBlackHalo avatar

    That pic needs updating… at least until you grab top spot again 🙂

  4. Vince avatar

    You are now no.2 … 😛

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