I’d forgotten how much I like it!

As part of my job I travel quite a bit. Some of it is fun and every now and again it can be a bit of a jolly but on the whole it’s mostly boredom, discomfort and indigestion! With this in mind I have armed myself with the usual array of regular traveller accoutrements; iPod, laptop, book and (for me) a notebook because I tend to scribble down ideas and such.

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around Terminal 1 departures in Heathrow and I spotted the special edition Guitar Hero: On Tour DS Lite bundle, so  I grabbed it and spent a good few hours during my trip ‘rocking out’ as I believe the kids call it!

Pretty DS and Guitar Hero: On Tour bundle

Now to the point of my post today. On my most recent trip I was, once again, doing laps of the T1 departure lounge when I decided to treat myself to a new DS game. Not having a cooker handy I avoided the various kitchen focused titles and then I happened upon Sim City Creator. It looked pretty good so I picked it up, paid for it and headed out.

Ladies and gents I am hooked, I’d forgotten how much I like these types of games. The so-called ‘god games’ are an acquired taste and I know that some folks just don’t get them but I’ve barely been able to leave the thing alone. My city population is just under 100,000, my approval rating is at 96% and rising, I have problems with pollution and my transport system needs an overhaul – but I love it!

There is a particular joy to be felt from the re-discovery of a gaming genre and I’m feeling it right now.







3 responses to “I’d forgotten how much I like it!”

  1. Lorna avatar

    I enjoy those type games, although I made the mistake many moons ago of paying for Sim City on the VC of my Wii. I’d forgotten how boring I found it for the Amiga 🙂 Trying to juggle selecting and placing stuff with the Wiimote nearly made the veins pop out of my temples and strangle me 😀 Now if they would only release Populous on the DS where you can blight the lands with your god like powers….

  2. John avatar

    WOW Populous! I’d totally forgotten about that one. We NEED those powers in the palms of our hands!

  3. Emily avatar

    God games truly make you feel like a success, like you’re extremely important and have huge responsibility… but at the same time they feel so relaxing and rewarding when it’s all going to plan.

    (That wasn’t mean to say that we are unsuccessful or unimportant!)

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