I swear, it’s just a game

I was playing Conan at the weekend. I like this game for a couple of reasons – 1) it’s quite a good distraction and 2) it cost me a tenner (for those who haven’t already – go to Currys, PC World or Dixons and explore their new long-term sale offer). There was one particular part of the game where I may have used one or two expletives. I’m not proud of myself, but it was a particularly annoying section.

If you’ve not played Conan, or even if you have, I’ll tell you the bit I mean. There comes a point when the A’Kanna (the token heaving busom character) you’re travelling with is kidnapped. She’s carried away by large red faced apes and is set to be sacrificed to the Elephant God. So, you head off to rescue her and end up having to take down this Elephant over a five stage boss-battle with very few health pick-ups and dodgy attacks that knock you off your feet when you’re nowhere near.

Anyway, I swore a little bit at that. Just a tad. A wee bit. A smidge.

Spin on to last night, Carole has purchased herself an Xbox. This is excellent as now she can play without having to evict me from mine – win-win all round I think. Last night she was playing the popular Xbox Live arcade title “Boom Boom Rocket”. She’d played this game on Monday night to kind of christen the 360, and there had been hardly a peep from her.

Last night, I honestly thought that a coach-load of people with Tourettes had broken into our front room. I was shocked. Shocked to the very core. I’m fairly sure there were even a couple of words in there that have never passed Carole’s lips before. Possibly even some that didn’t exist before. It was all very bizarre, even more so given the non-gamer status of my girlfriend, that she could slip into swear mode so easily. Has gaming tapped into an as yet undiscovered part of her psyche allowing her to vent all her frustrations with a variety of swear words accompanied by pretty fireworks.

What games have you really had a jolly good swear at? Or, more to the point, when have you been shocked by someone else’s foul mouthed outburst to a poor innocent game?







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  1. Ben avatar

    The original Stuntman was a game that really got me swearing, dam I hated the Tuk-Tuk level(s) so much.

    When raiding in WoW, wiping on a boss at 1% is just not right.

    Halo 3 online when I’m getting totally owned by people in the same skill bracket as me, it’s painful to watch…and hear for that matter.

  2.  avatar

    Jumper. That game had me swearing in english, german, spanish, french and a few african languages. Covering a wide variety of topics. I actually felt a little relieved after Samuel L Jackson pounded me to the ground YET again.


  3. Tony avatar

    A friend of mine at uni had installed a copy of Doom onto one of the UNIX workstations we had to program on. So he was blasting away at the baddies, and of those tall brown critters that throws fireballs at you takes a pop at him. He blasts it, and shouts out in the middle of the lab: “Take that, you brown b*stard!”

    Luckily no-one seemed to be offended at his unfortunate turn of phrase…

  4. Kat avatar

    The first boss in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops had me swearing up a storm, only to discover later that not only did I voluntarily choose not to use the “easy” strategy, but the “also works a hell of a lot better than what you’re doing” strategy as well.

    But then, going in against a boss completely unprepared and forcing yourself through an unreasonable number of continues because you don’t want to do the entire level over again is more than enough reason in any game to let loose on the obscenities, as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Alex avatar

    Too many games make me swear. A swear jar system has had to be instigated because Chris and myself are probably going to have some very angry neighbours if we keep the gaming-related profanities up!

  6. Lorna avatar

    Most games most of the time seem to have this affect 🙂

  7. Michael avatar

    I pretty much only swear during games (mostly online). The only other time I swear copiously is at my family… but that is affection! I’m being deadly serious…

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